Zhejiang Metrology Institute won two million RMB for major testing projects

[China Instrument Network Instrument Research and Development] This year, the Ministry of Science and Technology has set up three tasks in major scientific instrument and equipment development special projects, with a total of 10 key directions, of which analysis and detection technology and instrument equipment R&D are the key content in high-end general instrument research. In the near future, two key special projects of the Zhejiang Provincial Metrology Institute have been approved for a total of 5 million yuan.

VHP is the abbreviation of Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide, Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide. Its function is to have stronger sterilizing ability under normal temperature gas conditions, and is suitable for confined spaces. Zhejiang Institute of Metrology's “Spectrum-based VHP Concentration Real-time Detection and Calibration Technology Research” project is based on spectroscopy to achieve high-precision detection of vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide, with the aim of reasonably solving the slow response and short-lived period of the detection process. Other issues ensure the reliability of the measurement results.

It is understood that domestic research in this area is still in a deficient state, and Zhejiang Institute of Metrology will fill gaps in the research results and bring it closer to home and abroad, which is of great significance.

Another key special project “study of intelligent microbial incubator development and automatic aseptic observation technology” belongs to the field of instrument and equipment development and automatic detection. Microbiology is the focus of life sciences. The exploration and research of experts and scientists in the field of microbiology are endless. During the research process, the microbial incubator is the most basic and important equipment. It is suitable for scientific research in the fields of environmental protection, drug testing, and aquatic products. It will provide the necessary growth environment for the cultivation and preservation of microorganisms, such as constant temperature and heat insulation, with electrical control. System, temperature sensor failure alarm and other functions can ensure accurate control.

Aseptic testing is an extremely important part of the aseptic product before it goes on the market. Earlier in the 1970s, closed-end sterile detection was the most popular detection method and standard. It was gradually upgraded to a combination of hardware and software in continuous development, making the detection work more convenient and the intelligent control system also Improved work efficiency. The establishment of the Zhejiang Provincial Metrology Institute is to complete the use of machine vision to replace the artificial eye of the study, combined with the development of intelligent microbial incubator, to achieve integration and promote intelligent training.

The Zhejiang Metrology Institute has always insisted on self-innovation and continuously improved its technological level. It has played an important role in the research of major scientific instruments and equipment in China, and has developed a variety of new products and technologies to fill gaps in the country, and has made progress in science and international status in China. Contributed a force.

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