Who is a master of money in NVC, Sunshine, and Buddha Show?

NVC lighting performance rebounded, up 10.8% NVC Lighting officially released its 2015 annual results announcement on April 5, the announcement showed that the Group's sales revenue during the reporting period was RMB 3,845,650,000, an increase of 10.8% over the same period. Among them, LED lighting products achieved sales revenue of RMB 2,223,989 thousand, an increase of 81.1% over the same period, and gross profit of RMB 901,005 thousand, an increase of 21.5% over the same period, net profit (including the non-controlling interest attributable). The profit portion is RMB 127,737,000. During the reporting period, the sales of NVC lighting products increased by 22.8%, mainly due to the new furniture lighting business and the overall sales of LED Thunder products; the sales of light source products decreased by 9.4%, mainly affected by LED lighting products, resulting in traditional light source products. Sales will decline, and the LED light source products will be gradually transformed in the future; sales of lighting electrical products will increase by 1.6%. During the reporting year, the demand of major overseas customers is stable, and LED electrical products accounted for a significant increase over the same period. 2015 is the restoration and adjustment year of NVC Lighting NVC Lighting said that the global economy is in a period of deep adjustment in 2015. On the one hand, the overall economic recovery of developed countries is not stable. Although the US economy continues to recover, the Eurozone and Japan's economy are still not out of economic difficulties. On the other hand, the overall growth rate of emerging markets and developing economies continues to decline. Changes in monetary policy in major economies have caused global capital flows to intensify, the world economy is still weak, and the road to recovery is rugged. Although domestic and international economic growth has slowed down, LED lighting is rapidly completing the mission of replacing traditional lighting sources and lamps, and gradually transitioning from the era of replacement to the era of universalization. Despite the rising demand for LED lighting and the rapid replacement of the traditional lighting application market, oversupply has caused the average cost of LED lighting products to fall sharply, and competition has heated up, accelerating the exit of SMEs. Under the new situation, the integrated reshuffle and upgrade of the LED lighting industry is accelerating, and the industrial concentration will continue to increase in the future. 2015 is the recovery and adjustment year of NVC Lighting. In terms of marketing model, the Group continues to give full play to the advantages of engineering projects and obtains large orders for the supply of lighting products from Sinopec Group. At the same time, it closely follows market demand, layouts home lighting business and creates new profit growth. Point, form a business model of engineering and home. In terms of channel expansion, we actively develop hardware distributors and improve various systems to further strengthen brand penetration. In the aspect of supply chain management, we will sort out the original supplier team, eliminate the unqualified suppliers by means of open tendering, introduce high-quality suppliers, improve the quality of the supplier team, and reduce the annual procurement cost. In terms of production management, the Central Planning Center and the Lean Production Office were established, and the Group's profitability was improved by optimizing the process and strictly controlling costs and expenses. In terms of the Chinese brand market, the Group has 38 exclusive regional distributors in 2015, with a total of 3,529 specialty stores and a total of 1,435 showcases and wall outlets. In addition, the O2O platform was successfully built and operated, and the O2O marketing system was established to effectively convert online traffic into offline business. In the international NVC brand market, the Group adheres to its own brand route, and continues to intensively work on the pipeline, with LED office lighting, commercial lighting and LED light source as the main core product lines. In the non-NVC brand market at home and abroad, we mainly provide energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps and accessories for well-known lighting companies in the form of ODM. In 2016, we implemented online and offline omni-channel marketing. In 2016, NVC Lighting will continue to break through the tradition, dare to try the style of change and innovation, and make active strategic deployment in production and procurement, sales, research and development, etc. Plastic enterprise culture, and strive to win the development opportunities in the fierce global competition in the future. Strengthen internal management and rectification, strictly control production and procurement costs, improve overall operational efficiency; combine multiple business models, deploy strategic product portfolios for home lighting and commercial lighting, and omni-channel marketing online and offline; promote overseas market expansion, focus on developing the UK, Australia and the Middle East market, expand the core product portfolio; focus on research and development of LED products, develop high-tech LED lighting products with market potential, implement product evaluation mechanisms, and promote standardization of product development. Enhance the Group's market share in the domestic and international LED lighting market by enriching product lines and improving cost performance.

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