Ultrasonic flowmeter FAQ

common problem

1. Ultrasonic flowmeter probes are used for a period of time, and occasional alarms may occur. Especially when there are many impurities in the conveying medium, this problem will be more common. Solution: Clean the probe regularly (it is recommended to clean it once a year).

2. Ultrasonic flowmeter When the medium contains water and other liquid impurities, the flowmeter pressure tube is prone to effusion, and when the temperature is low, there will be freezing and blocking phenomenon of the pressure tube, especially in the northern areas in winter. Solution: Purge the pressure tube or heat tracing

3, ultrasonic flowmeters are very strict on the requirements of the pipeline can not have abnormal sound or it will affect the measurement error is very large

During the propagation of ultrasonic waves, the intensity of the ultrasonic waves is attenuated due to the impediments or absorption of impurities in the medium and the medium. Whether it is an ultrasonic flow meter or an ultrasonic level meter, there is a certain requirement on the intensity of the received acoustic wave, so all kinds of attenuation must be suppressed.

4, instantaneous flow fluctuations?

The signal intensity is large, and the fluctuation of the fluid itself is measured.

Solution: Adjust the position of the probe, increase the signal strength, and ensure the signal strength is stable. If the fluid fluctuates greatly, the position is not good. Re-select the point to ensure the 5D working condition after the first 10D.

5, external clip type ultrasonic flowmeter signal low?

This depends on the technical content of the instrument itself. After a large number of test cases on the site, such as the long pipeline time, serious fouling, and large pipe diameter, the AFTU-2W series of Aituolier is superior to other external clamp type ultrasonic flowmeters. The signal is very fast and the signal is very stable. .

Solution: For the large diameter, serious scaling, it is recommended to use a good quality external clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter, the probe installation pipe to be polished clean, with a coupling or coupling piece to eliminate the air between the probe and the workpiece surface, so that ultrasound Can effectively pass into the pipeline to ensure that there is sufficient sound intensity transmittance on the detection surface.

6. Occasionally there are air bubbles in the measuring medium. Does the ultrasonic flowmeter with time difference have any effect?

This Altoel AFTU-2W series clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter has dual mode. When there is a bubble, it can automatically enter the Doppler mode to measure. When the bubble disappears, it will automatically transfer to the time difference method.

7, the instrument can not be used under the strong interference scene?

Field frequency inverter or high voltage cable field electromagnetic interference

Advice: Strong electromagnetic interference away from the inverter or high voltage cable

8. What is the minimum diameter of the ultrasonic clamp on the market that can be measured and how high is the temperature?

Answer: Now the world's only Atoller AFTU-2W series can measure 6mm minimum diameter, temperature can be measured to 550 °C, like measuring molten salt and thermal oil such conditions, which is not able to do other brands of flowmeters of.

9, how to choose a suitable ultrasonic flow meter?

Answer: Pipe material, wall thickness and pipe diameter; fluid type, presence of impurities, air bubbles, and full pipe; fluid temperature, flow meter type, portable or fixed on line.

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