Trucks continue to slump year after year, natural gas vehicles continue to be strong

Judging from the current situation of reporters, the truck market continued to perform better than passenger cars last year. The truck market continued to slump in the first quarter, entering March, with little improvement. The dealers complained and even said in an interview that they did not May sign up.

The market is still weak

“The sales situation in January and February of this year is similar to that of previous years. It was originally expected that March will be better, and the actual situation is not optimistic. The originally expected explosive growth did not appear, but it is still much better than January and February.” A dealer told the reporter: “There have been some customers recently, but not much heat. It seems that the micro-growth trend that was foreseen before is correct, and the market is still relatively weak. This is also the view of manufacturers.”

Wang Fang (a pseudonym), a heavy-duty card dealer in Xinjiang, also stated that the sales season in March of previous years was not reflected in Xinjiang. “Our sales in January are OK, mainly because there is a big bill, and some of the orders in December last year were delivered in January. But in February or March, it was not enough. I also asked other dealers. It is anxious that the market has been sluggish and there are no signs of getting warmer.Shaanxi was considered the best seller in Xinjiang, and they also said “Nothing” this year that the market could not.However, Shaanqi has slightly improved a bit and sold some of its own Unloading."

Valin related persons said that Valin should be growing in the first quarter, "I heard that special vehicles received more than 1,000 vehicles, and there are about 3,000 Hualing heavy trucks."

“As far as I know, the current overall market has not yet started too much, but the sales of Hongyan are relatively good. It increased by 55% year-on-year in January-February, and the market share is also increasing. The information returned by the market since March is also Better, I just returned from a delivery ceremony for a 34 dump truck in Shenzhen, and Shanxi has recently received an order for 60 tractors. Feedback from other regions is also good.”

Jiang Jianhua, manager of SAIC Iveco Hongyan Public Relations Department, said that although sales in March may be slightly different from the expected target of 5,000 units in Hongyan, the overall situation in the first quarter was relatively good. He explained that the overall end market of the industry is not very good. Hongyan can achieve better progress and improvement. On the one hand, it has achieved results due to its internal marketing strategy, promotion forms and internal reform of the sales system, and then the company’s products and The brand spread has also exerted great efforts.

Specific to the subdivision model, the Hongyan 8x4 dump truck sold well, and then the 6x4 tractor also performed well. “The newly-developed Jingang ore unloading vehicle was very suitable for the complex and ever-changing conditions of the mining environment, and the response to the use in the mining area is not bad at present. Even in some regions, the order status is very good. Another more obvious situation is that In the first quarter of last year, the sales in the southwest region of our main sales region were not very satisfactory. This year we achieved some results in this region. The sales volume has obviously increased compared to last year. The kingpin products such as New King Kong have sold better in this region, so Also led the performance of the overall market.” Jiang Jianhua said.

He further stated that Hongyan’s tractor performance in the first quarter was better than expected. “In recent years, we have been adjusting our product structure, striving to increase the proportion of tractors' products and achieved great breakthroughs. From the perspective of market feedback, sales volume and The share is gradually increasing."

Valin related sources said that in the first quarter, dump truck sales were generally better, specifically to the regional market, the South and Southwest markets started well and the project started more.

“Shaanxi’s recent sales of dump trucks in Xinjiang should be for engineering construction. Many users now use 9.5 meters and 9.6 meters of dump trucks to transport coal, no longer limited to standard 6x4 and 8x4 dump trucks. But currently 8x4 The unloading and dumping dump truck sales are not very good, Xinjiang's coal capacity is greater than the transport capacity, coal is accumulating, the freight rate also can not rise.” Wang Fang said.

Jiang Jianhua believes that from the end market, the engineering construction category performs well and the logistics transportation market has some bright spots in some regions. Among them, there are many urban construction projects such as affordable housing, affordable housing, and subway, which are due to the fact that “urban construction is itself a long-term project.”

When it comes to market forecasts for the first half of the year, Valin's stakeholders estimated that the market will recover from three major factors. First, after the completion of the "two sessions," the overall environment has stabilized, everyone is looking forward to all aspects of economic construction. Second, many projects will start one after another. Third, the market has been declining for the past two years. Now When it comes time to start recovery. "It should be better than last year," he said.

The light truck market in the first quarter is also less optimistic. "On March 26, I visited the Jiangsu truck market. We generally report that the situation is not as good as last year," said a Qingqing dealer in Jiangsu. A leap distributor in Xinjiang said that Yuejin's situation in Xinjiang is similar to last year, while other light-card brands are not as good as last year, “only about 80% of last year”.

“The economic situation is not very optimistic. The entire industry has been affected. There is no work for logistics, plus many cities have restricted trucks from entering the city, and the light trucks have been replaced by vans in the urban market.” A light truck dealer introduced: “I At the edge of a transportation company, the driver complained every day that the goods could not be delivered because the truck could not enter the city. The goods were transported by light passengers and micro-customers. The freight rate was also similar to that of trucks, and many truck drivers did not want to do it."

There is no change in the country's proximity to the market

The remaining three months have passed since the implementation of the national emission standards, but the impact of the approach of the national standard handover on the market has not appeared in the first quarter. “Hongyan has already made preparations for receiving the country. The corresponding products have all been announced. However, in areas where the country has not yet been officially implemented, as long as they are able to apply for licensing, most of the users are still buying vehicles in the country,” said Jiang Jianhua.

The aforementioned Valin related person also stated that the impending implementation of the country has not had a great impact on the market, and the sales vehicles in the first quarter are still the main products. At the same time, he believes that the impact of this emission upgrade on the market should not be as large as when the country was promoted. In addition, due to the high purchase cost of the national vehicle, users generally do not take the initiative to purchase the national vehicle. During the "two sessions" of the "National", some representatives mentioned providing subsidies for the national vehicles. In fact, companies are very much looking forward to subsidies. After all, users are very concerned about the cost of buying cars, and then whether or not the usual maintenance is convenient is also something they should consider." He added .

Jiang Jianhua agreed with this: “I personally believe that it is unlikely that the next four to six months will occur before the user rushes to purchase a national vehicle before it is implemented in the country. After all, the vehicle inventory on the market is almost saturated or even surplus. The environment is not very good, and the rigid demand for car purchases is not much. Users will not blindly purchase cars, but will make normal purchases or upgrades according to their own needs.”

“On the other hand, since the country has not yet officially implemented, from the perspective of user feedback, it is mainly high-end users or large-scale users who are concerned about emission upgrading. However, ordinary users, especially individual retailers, are mainly pursuing the recovery of investment costs as soon as possible. We will not consider the factors that are too long-term, so we have not yet taken the initiative to pay attention to the immediate trend of the policy,” Jiang Jianhua analyzed.

“Gas vehicles are the only vehicle in the heavy-duty truck industry that grew last year. Then there is also an increase in exports. Other market segments are declining. In the first quarter of this year, LNG heavy trucks should still remain a bright spot. At the same time, the trend of lightweighting is still continuing. The model is relatively easy to sell.” Valin’s related personages said.

“Now Xinjiang now sells natural gas vehicles for LNG and CNG, especially in southern Xinjiang. PetroChina and Sinopec built two LNG production plants there. Together with Xinjiang Xinjie, they have arranged many LNG and CNG refueling in southern Xinjiang. Wang Fang said: "Now Xinjiang's CNG products sell better than LNG because there are many CNG filling stations. But a CNG vehicle needs more than a dozen high-pressure resistant cylinders, and the vehicle weight has also increased."

Jiang Jianhua also said that Hongyan has been developing gas vehicles that have developed rapidly in the past two years. At the same time, he believes that, given the restrictions on gas supply and other restrictions, although gas vehicles have seen a large increase in the past two years, the absolute sales volume is still not very large, and the absolute proportion of the entire heavy truck industry is relatively small. “But it is, after all, a market segment that deserves attention, and has attracted attention and expectations from users in areas such as gas stations where basic conditions are available, so all manufacturers are paying attention to this area. The current use of gas vehicles is mainly in logistics and transportation. On the tractors, there are dump trucks for transporting earth and stone, and the mine dumps are also used,” he added.

"I looked at the sales department's data. As of now, there are about 1,000 new gas vehicle orders." Duan Hengyong, deputy general manager of sales of Heavy Truck Group, said on March 18: "First, the sales of gas vehicles are up. Second, the scope of application of gas vehicles is expanding, not only for tractors, but also for common dumping, cement mixing and mine dumping. As long as heavy trucks can be used, this is the next step for us. The promotion of the product raises new issues."

According to Duan Hengyong, the company recently delivered more than 30 LNG cement mixers to Xuzhou users, delivered about 40 LNG mining dump trucks to Liaoning users, and delivered about 40 LNG vehicles in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia. “At present, 31 provinces in China have achieved actual sales of LNG heavy trucks in 2012. With the gradual encryption of the national gas distribution, follow-up sales will increase,” he said.

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