·The second batch of bus auction unit price refreshed the high standard king 482,000

The first auction of the second batch of central official car auctions was held yesterday. Among the 100 buses to be photographed, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and Lincoln have seen a number of foreign-related vehicles for the first time. Yesterday, 100 buses to be photographed were all taken. The starting price was 3.602 million yuan, and the total transaction price was 9.027 million yuan. Both the premium rate and the highest price of bicycle auctions reached a record high.
â–¡ The on-site premium rate broke 150% and reached a new high of 10:30 in the morning. Beiqi Penglong Automobile Auction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beiqi Penglong), located in the Xinfadi Automobile Trading Market, gathered a large number of people, including several days ago. For consumers who have qualified for the auction, this is the second batch of new auction policies. Those who do not have the qualification to bid, Beiqi Penglong will not be allowed to enter.
At the beginning of the auction, the first Passat, which started at 28,000 yuan, was "taken" for 40,000 yuan in a few minutes. The second car was a white Mercedes starting at 40,000 yuan. Although the vehicle registration date was in 2002, it was imported by the customs, which attracted the bidders to compete fiercely and eventually sold for 98,000 yuan. Since then, nearly four hours of auctions, many Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other foreign cars participated in the auction.
Han Tao, general manager of Beiqi Penglong, said that all 600 people who participated in the auction were present, the entire venue was completely saturated, and the on-site auction was enthusiastic. A total of 100 official vehicles were sold, with a total transaction price of 9.027 million yuan, much higher than the total transaction price of the first batch of the first official car auction. At the same time, this auction also broke through the highest premium rate of 140.6% of the first batch of official car auctions.
It is reported that the total starting price of 100 buses is 3.602 million yuan, the total transaction price is 9.027 million yuan, and the premium rate is as high as 150.6%. Previously, the third central-level bus auction held on February 1st had a premium rate of 140.65%. The two bus auctions held on January 25 and 26 had a premium rate of 71.17% and 78% respectively.
480,000 Toyota Land Cruises became the "king of the king"
Speaking of the climax of this auction, it is naturally the Toyota Land Cruiser that was auctioned by No. 51 bidder. The car was registered in November 2004, and the number of kilometers traveled was only 50,000 kilometers. After fierce bidding, it was finally auctioned by No. 51 bidder at a high price of 482,000 yuan. This has become the auction price of official vehicles so far. The highest transaction. It is reported that the bidder came from Guangxi and made a special trip to Beijing to participate in the official car auction. In addition, a Hongqi H7 registered in September 2013, the number of kilometers traveled was only 20,000 kilometers, the starting price was also 150,000 yuan, and finally the price of 298,000 yuan was sold.
Afterwards, Han Tao said that although the car was registered in 2004, it belongs to a long-established model, but the number of kilometers is only 50,000 kilometers. According to normal driving habits, the models in 2004 were basically over 100,000 kilometers. It can be seen that the performance of the car is still good. Despite this, Han Tao still suggested that the owners who want to participate in the auction can rationally bid.
Luxury foreign affairs vehicles are receiving attention. It is reported that 100 official vehicles were auctioned on site, 31 Mercedes-Benz, 22 Passat and 17 Audis. Among them, Mercedes-Benz became the most brand in this auction. Compared with the first batch of central official car auctions, the first foreign-language vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and Lincoln appeared. According to Han Tao, foreign-invested vehicles are favored by most bidders because of their particularity.
In the high-profile foreign car auction, the Lincoln car registered on September 21, 1998 almost ignited the enthusiasm of the bidders. This Lincoln car is also the car with the earliest registration date in this auction. The starting price of the car was 50,000 yuan. After the competition, it was finally won by the bidder from Beijing at a price of 280,000 yuan. It is understood that the bidder mainly depends on the value of his collection.
Han Tao said that among all the foreign vehicles to be photographed, Lincoln Motors really has a high degree of attention, followed by Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Due to the positioning and image of its high-end brands, Mercedes-Benz vehicles have always been popular with most consumers. Yesterday, there was a 2004 Mercedes-Benz foreign affairs car with a starting price of 40,000 yuan. Finally, the highest price of Mercedes-Benz was sold at a price of 182,000 yuan.
â–¡ Extending the next auction for nearly half of Audi is reported that the second auction of the central official car auction will be held on March 21 in the Huaxiang Auto Trading Market, and the third will be held on March 28 in the Asian Games Village Auto Trading Market. The last one will return to the new car market.
It is reported that there will be a total of 122 official vehicles in the second auction on March 21, and there will be only 500 seats in the auction. According to the list of models released by the Huaxiang Auto Trading Market, the models include Audi, Passat, Accord, Santana, Chery, Safro, Buick GL8, Kia, Coster and so on. Among them, Audi accounts for different ages, which is close to half of the total number of vehicles to be photographed, with a total of 57 vehicles.
The third central official car auction, hosted by the Asian Games Village Auto Trading Market (hereinafter referred to as the Asian City), will begin auction on March 28. The Asian market will release a detailed list of models on March 23. It is reported that there are 600 participants in this competition. The auction speciality also tried online reservations for the first time, and a total of 200 places were released. The bidders can register on the spot with the appointment registration code. Successful bidders must also register on-site by appointment SMS before 4 pm on March 26, and expired.
For the bidding for more than 50,000 yuan, the second batch of official car auctions is only required to pay the 20,000 yuan bidding guarantee. The second batch of official car auctions is to reduce the risk of default after the auction of the vehicle, and to pay the bidding margin. Make adjustments.
It is reported that bidders need to pay bidding deposit to the auction company in advance, paying RMB 20,000 bidding bond can only bid for one, and consumers who pay RMB 50,000 bidding guarantee will not limit their bidding amount. The deposit will be before the auction. The account shall prevail. After paying the deposit, the bidder can receive the auction information, apply for the bidding registration (with valid ID card and other valid documents), and then participate in the auction.
□ Observe how old cars shoot “Jade cabbage price”?
The result of such a hot auction was unexpected to many people. The previously worried bus "cabbage price" sold the "Jadeite cabbage price".
Xu Yongsheng, deputy director of the Asset Management Department of the State Administration of Taxation, said that there are three factors in the high price of bus auctions: one is that the reform of the official vehicles of the central government is highly concerned; the second is that the central authorities have strict daily management and the car conditions are better; Third, the current situation of used car trading market is relatively good.
“Fair and transparent” may explain the reason why the official car auction is highly sought after from another level. Vehicle information, bidder participation standards, auction rules, etc. are all open and transparent. The discipline inspection, supervision and audit departments of the State Administration of Hong Kong and the China Direct Administration participated in the supervision. Whether every car has an accident, even if the battery has electricity, whether there is a spare tire, etc., are listed in detail, so that consumers can see at a glance.
However, the reporter learned at the scene that the origin of the "Jade Cabbage Price" is also due to the fact that some bidders believe that these vehicles are "faced".
Mr. Liu, who participated in two bus auctions, believes that the pricing of the vehicle itself is reasonable, but the bidding process is too irrational and far exceeds the market price.
Han Tao, general manager of Beijing Beiqi Penglong Motor Auction Co., Ltd., said that he hopes that bidders can bid on the demand and the performance of the vehicle. At the same time, he reminded bidders to pay attention to different car purchase index policies and settlement policies. If the car is photographed but cannot be settled, the corresponding losses caused by default will be borne by the bidder.

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