Solar garden light style classification and installation

As a landscape lighting decoration product, the solar garden light pole body has various materials, flexible light source application, and various structural forms. It is mainly suitable for road lighting and decoration of public squares, parks, high-level living quarters, residential villas and courtyards with modern green environmental awareness requirements. . In the process of lighting application, the solar garden light structure is simple and generous, stable and reliable, and has a long service life. In terms of street lighting style, solar garden lights are various in shape. According to the number of light sources, solar garden lights are mainly divided into single lamp heads and double lamp heads. The general landscape lighting is commonly used for single-head solar garden lights at a price of more than 1,000 yuan. The price of different solar garden lights required for system configuration varies according to the size of the battery size of the power battery. Because the solar garden light has the advantages of saving electricity and simple installation, it is necessary to select the solar garden light for the current landscape lighting to realize the good development of the current landscape lighting construction. In terms of lighting, solar garden lights are widely used in the solar energy industry. During the day, the nighttime charging is bright, and the simple fashion can meet all the commonly used decorative and lighting source configurations. As a new lighting product of solar photovoltaic technology, solar garden lights will rely on solar energy to achieve green and low-cost lighting for landscape lighting.

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Our Lighting poles are made from quality sheet through bending, forming, automatic welding and hot galvanization. We can reach one-run machining length of 14m and can bend sheet of thickness up to 45mm. We adopt advanced welding procedures, automatically weld main joints and reach rank-II welding quality.

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