Smart meter and magnetic resonance imaging research project started

[ Instrument R & D of Instrument Network ] The European Metrology Innovation and Research Program (EMPIR) launched the "Electrostatic Electromagnetic Interference" project, dedicated to developing methods to test the accuracy of electricity consumption of smart meters, used to solve fast transient current-related electrical interference The meter has a wrong problem.
Figure: Household Smart Energy Meter
Through high-precision measurement of actual electrical interference, the project team built a new test bench to evaluate the performance of the meter under similar conditions. In order to resolve billing disputes, we will determine how to design anti-interference meters based on on-site inspections, and develop new diagnostic algorithms to identify transient current types. The researchers hope that the results of the project will eventually support European and international standards and ensure consumer confidence in the use of smart meters.
Figure: Magnetic resonance imaging scan
Another EMPIR project under development is quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) analysis to help achieve more objective disease diagnosis.
MRI is a commonly used medical scanning technique. In Europe, more than 30 million MRI scans are performed each year. Standard MRI results are mostly qualitative, limiting their objectivity and comparability.
Therefore, EMPIR launched the "Physical Biomarker Based Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging" project to evaluate new and assisted electrical characteristics tomography and magnetic resonance fingerprint printing technologies, and develop quantitative MRI analysis to achieve more objective disease diagnosis. These algorithms will first be tested with phantoms that mimic the characteristics of human tissue, and then applied to real clinical data.

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