Sinosteel Luo Naiyuan refractory products obtained patents in the United States

Sinosteel Luo Naiyuan's self-developed product "chromium oxide-based high-density composite refractory containing cerium oxide" has obtained the invention patent in the United States.

The chromium oxide-based dense refractory material is a high-grade refractory material used in the hot surface of a high-temperature kiln such as a coal gasifier or a petroleum coke gasification furnace, and is a key refractory material used in many large-scale coal chemical production. Domestic research and development and production of this product have been in a blank state for a long time and can only rely on imports. In the mid-1990s, Sinosteel Luo Naiyuan successfully developed chrome-based dense refractory materials with performances exceeding or exceeding the imported products, and used them in many domestic coal gasification and petroleum coke gasifiers, and achieved good results. In 2004, Sinosteel Luo Naiyuan successfully researched and developed a cerium oxide-containing chromic oxide-based high-density composite refractory material with complete independent intellectual property rights, which achieved or exceeded the existing products and was approved by the Chinese Patent Office in 2006. patent.

The chromium oxide-based high-density composite refractory containing cerium oxide has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, long life, stable volume, excellent fire resistance and good energy saving effect, and is suitable for hot surface lining of coal gasification and petroleum coke gasifier. It can be used in carbon black furnaces and waste incinerators, and has broad application prospects in the market.

The successful development of the product and the acquisition of patent rights, especially the US patent rights, solved the problem of domestic related industries' dependence on imported products, and broke the barriers of foreign patents, laying a good foundation for the export of similar products in China.

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