Shanghai to use disposable acupuncture needles from December 1st

The Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau announced on the 19th that in order to prevent patients from cross-infection during the acupuncture treatment in medical institutions in the city, in particular to prevent blood-borne diseases and ensure the safety of acupuncture treatment, from December 1st, The use of disposable sterile acupuncture needles is mandatory in all levels of medical institutions in this Municipality, and the use of other non-disposable acupuncture needles is stopped.
According to the director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Municipal Health Bureau, Ji Weiping, after all medical institutions at all levels of the city use disposable sterile acupuncture needles, the charging standards for the use of disposable sterile acupuncture needles will be implemented. In the future, patients will receive one acupuncture treatment every time they go to hospital. The cost of medical treatment will be 2-3 yuan more than the original, and all of them will be included in the scope of medical insurance. Ji Weiping also stated that the disposal of disposable sterile acupuncture needles after use will be strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements of the "Shanghai Medical Waste Sanitary Management Regulations" and they shall be disposed of in a unified manner.
The reporter learned from a number of hospitals such as Shuguang, Yueyang, and TCM of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine yesterday that it has already done a good job in the preparation of disposable sterile acupuncture needles, and related medical personnel also conducted unified training from December 1st. At the beginning, all disposable acupuncture needles will be used.

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