Routine maintenance of centrifugal pumps

Precautions for use of centrifugal pumps

1. Preparation before starting up

In order to ensure the safe operation of the pump, the necessary checks should be made before starting the machine: firstly turn the coupling or pulley slowly, observe whether the pump is turning correctly, whether the rotation is flexible and stable, whether there is any debris in the pump, whether the bearing is running normally, the belt Whether the tightness is suitable; check whether all the screws are strong; check whether there are any debris around the unit that hinders the operation; check whether the suction pipe is deep enough; if there is a water outlet valve to close, reduce the starting load, and pay attention to open the valve in time after starting.

2, running inspection

After starting up, check whether the various instruments are working properly and stable, and the current should not exceed the rated value. The gauge pointer should be in the design range; check whether the water output of the pump is normal, check whether the parts of the unit are leaking; check the packing tightness. Under normal circumstances, there should be a small amount of leakage at the packing (no more than 10~20 drops per minute), mechanical The leakage of the seal should not be greater than 10 ml / hour (about 3 drops per minute); the rolling bearing temperature should not be higher than 75 ° C; the sliding bearing temperature should not be higher than 70 ° C. And pay attention to the presence or absence of abnormal noise, abnormal vibration, water output reduction; timely adjustment of the intrusion depth of the inlet pipe; often clean the floating debris on the trash rack; through the belt drive, but also pay attention to whether the belt slips.

3. Precautions after shutdown and shutdown

Before stopping the machine, the water outlet valve should be closed before stopping to prevent water backflow and damage to the machine parts. After each stop, the oil stains of the pump body and pipeline should be cleaned in time to keep the appearance of the unit clean and timely to identify hidden dangers; The water should be drained immediately to prevent cracking of the pump body and internal parts; after the end of the season, the necessary maintenance is required [7].

4. Periodic inspection of centrifugal pumps

The periodic inspection of centrifugal pumps can be generally divided into the following three types: 1) daily inspection, that is, inspection in use, as described above; 2) monthly inspection, cleaning and minor repairs on the exterior of the equipment without disassembling parts, including Inspection of bearing temperature, shaft seal leakage and motor insulation; 3) regular maintenance. Including replacement of shaft seal lubricant, check pump and motor alignment, check bushing wear, check coupling rubber ring damage, clean mechanical seal, coolant filter and pump filter, check sliding parts wear, check Each component that comes into contact with the liquid damages the corrosion, and the like.

Extrusion Pelletizer

LINA Extrusion Pelletizer

LINA extrusion pelletizer is in the leading level in domestic industry, LINA produces different types granulation extruder such as hot-cutting and air-cooling mode, under-water pelletizing mode, water strand extrusion pelletizing mode and water ring extrusion pelletizing mode to meet the needs of different material.

Material feeding is an important process of the whole granulation process. To achieve effective and efficient material feeding process, LINA adopts twin-taper and twin-arm feeding methods to meet the needs of all kinds of materials.

LINA Twin-Taper Granulation Machine

LINA twin taper granulation machine, it is also called double-cone pelletizing machine, which adopts forced feeding by the two tapers. In order to achieve the continuous and fully automatic process by forced feeding the mixed metal lump, LINA double cone pelletizer reduces the crushing links which exists in traditional granulation of metal powder. LINA twin taper granulator is specialized for the pelletizing of high-hardness, strength and wear resistance material, including stainless-steel powder, iron powder, magnetic powder, zirconium oxide and ceramic powder.

LINA Twin-Taper Granulation Machine

LINA Extrusion Pelletizer

LINA Rubber & Plastic Pelletizing Production Line

LINA rubber & plastic granulation production line is applied for a variety of rubber masterbatch, rubber additives, chemicals auxiliaries and other masterbatch granulation. The whole process is Dispersion Kneader → Automatic hoist → Forced dual-arms feeder → Single screw extruding granulator → Dropping type-air cooling die face hot cutting granulator →Level 1 cooling separator → Level 2 cooling separator → Level 3 cooling separator →Taiwan Transparent vibration distribution sieve → Storage bucket.

LINA Rubber & Plastic Pelletizing Production Line

Advantages of LINA Granulation Extrusion Line (Main techniques and drawings are from Taiwan, Japan and so on.)

1. The unit has the whole unit process chain, sound and light failure alarm and fast lock fault point and other control functions. All parts that are in contact with the material are made of stainless steel.

2. High accuracy of temperature control system to ensure the temperature sensitivity of the material.

3. It adopts the drop type separating method after cutting process, to avoid Particle agglomeration and ensure particle cooling.

4. Feeding system of the pressing machine adopts heater and reversing device to solve problem of power outage, material crash and cleaning.

5. Especially, the barrel and die head adopts advanced foreign techniques to ensure and control the dangerous occurred when the pressure is uncontrollable. The honeycomb filter plate is easy to clean and quickly change the mesh and the die head t easy to leak.

6. The hoist adopts automatic return technology to ensure the working efficiency.

7. The technological combination of dual-pull forced feeder and single screw not only meet the high requirement of secondary continuous mixing, but also solve the problem of time and power consuming of traditional working process.

Specifications of LINA Extrusion Pelletizing Line



Capacity of Kneader

Screw length to diameter ratio

Screw diameter


LINA Extrusion Pelletizing Line




































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