Research and Discussion on New Air Intake Pipe Extraction System

At present, most of the domestic inlet test uses high pressure ejector and vacuum pumping, but these schemes have short effective test time, require high pressure gas source or air compression equipment, long experimental preparation time and high experimental cost. . In order to meet the requirements of the 5.45Kg/s mass flow of the inlet of the modified inlet of a certain type of aircraft, we have demonstrated the experimental scheme of two centrifugal fans for series pumping. Inlet test serial fan suction scheme introduction According to the needs of future experimental tasks and comparative analysis with the brother unit equipment, the experimental scheme of the inlet port with two centrifugal fans is selected. Reducing the loss of the pipeline is the key to improving the suction characteristics. We have taken the following measures: 1) minimizing the length of the connecting pipe; 2) adopting a slow transition method at the bend; 3) treating the relationship between the expansion angle and the length during the expansion 4) Use the FM power supply to control the fan speed to change the inlet flow, and no longer use the valve in the pipeline.

Estimation of the loss of the suction pipe system Since the pipe inside the suction is relatively smooth, the total loss along the path is =0.05. The air inlet experimental system can provide a mass flow rate of 5.81Kg/s in a windless state, and can provide a pressure rise of 13000Pa, and the flow coefficient can reach 0.90, indicating that the system has fully realized the design index, and also shows the second type. The pipeline loss estimation method has certain reliability. Through the above simple explanation and preliminary analysis, the following conclusions can be made for the new system: l) The system can continuously pump gas, accurately control the flow, and the data collection is convenient; 2) The system has less loss; 3) The system is easy to install and cost Low, the fan can also be used in other experiments, reducing the idle waste of the experimental equipment; 4) can provide a large flow, can more effectively simulate the inflow of the inlet. However, the system still has the disadvantage of large noise, and we will continue to improve, so that this new system can more effectively serve the air tunnel wind tunnel experiment of our aircraft.

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