Qingyang Ning County Public Security Bureau Business Technology Housing Project

Project Name: Business Technology Housing Project of Ning County Public Security Bureau, Qingyang City (2011-2012, 12 million)
Progress Stage: Construction Drawing Design and Construction Period: May 2011 - May 2012 Major Equipment: Cranes, Fire Fighting Facilities, Security Facilities, Water Supply and Drainage Facilities, Electrical Installations, Ventilation Facilities, Lighting Facilities,
Project Profile: The project is located in Maping New District, Ning County, Qingyang District, Gansu Province. It is a 12-storey office building with a single-storey basement with a total construction area of ​​9,798 square meters.
The total investment of the project is 12 million yuan.
Construction Unit: Ning County Public Security Bureau Postal address: No. 13 Renmin Road, Xinning Town, Ning County, Gansu Province, China Postcode: 745200
Contact: Zhao Zhihao Phone: 13830493153
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