Promote the province's promotion of sewage water source heat pump green energy-saving technology

The sewage is used for heating and cooling, and domestic hot water is supplied throughout the day. Guoruiyuan Community of Taiyuan City used the first sewage water source heat pump technology in the province to turn waste into “treasure”: no burning coal, no fuel, no gas, no smoke, no slag, zero pollution, realizing the summer supply in the community. Cold, winter heating, domestic hot water guarantee "three joints" throughout the year. A few days ago, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and the Provincial Development Circular Economy Building Resource-saving Society Leading Group Office held a press conference in the provincial capital to promote this green energy-saving project to the whole province.

As a resource-based province, excessive resource consumption and deterioration of the ecological environment have severely restricted the harmonious development of the province's economy and society. To this end, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission has proposed energy-saving projects in rural areas such as rural biogas, central heating, gas energy conservation, green lighting, and building energy conservation to ensure energy conservation goals.

In view of the serious shortage of water and the lack of centralized heating capacity in the city, Taiyuan City took the lead in adopting sewage water source heat pump technology in Guoruiyuan Community. It extracts the constant temperature thermal energy resources in the city's primary sewage, completes the refrigeration and heating process through the compressor system, and the by-products can provide all-day hot water without emitting exhaust gas, waste water and waste residue. In the past one year of trial operation, the annual emission reduction of 22 million cubic meters, 6400 tons of inhalable particulate matter, 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide; 2800 tons of slag and 600 tons of waste water; and the cost is very low, summer cooling than gas, Fuel costs are twice as low; winter heating is 20% lower than central heating.

This technology can not only use unnatural water such as urban sewage and industrial circulating water, but also widely use natural water such as rivers, rivers and lakes. In the future, our province will vigorously promote energy conservation in the administrative institutions and central heating in cities.

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