Policy to benefit petrochemical SMEs for energy saving and emission reduction is still a necessary condition

SMEs are an important force in the development of China's petroleum and chemical industries. According to data from the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, as of the end of 2009, there were 34,278 SMEs above designated size in the petroleum and chemical industry in China, accounting for 99% of the total number of enterprises in the industry; sales revenue reached 4.06 trillion yuan, accounting for 61.5 percent of total sales revenue in the industry. %. Therefore, the promotion of the development of SMEs is an important foundation for maintaining stable and rapid development of the petroleum and chemical industries.
However, difficulties in financing, irrational product structure, and non-standard management have long plagued the healthy development of petrochemical SMEs. Especially under the impact of the international financial crisis, a large number of SMEs are in trouble. To this end, Premier Wen Jiabao stated in the "Government Work Report" that it is necessary to further promote the development of SMEs. We have also deployed three important measures to establish and improve the service system for small and medium-sized enterprises, continue to implement fiscal support policies for small and medium-sized enterprises, and strengthen financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises. According to Wei Naixin, deputy director of the China Chemical Industry and Economic Development Center and deputy director of the SME Working Committee of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, small and medium-sized enterprises in the petrochemical industry should seize policy opportunities and take effective measures to transform development methods and achieve sound and rapid development.
Among the various measures to support the development of SMEs, the most "benefit" is the 10.6 billion yuan allocated by the central government this year to support special funds for the development of SMEs. The SME development funds are mainly used to support enterprises in adopting new products and technologies. New technology promotes industrial upgrading, implements energy-saving and emission-reduction technology transformation, and technological transformation for production of ancillary products for large-scale enterprises, etc.; Technology-based SME technology innovation fund gives priority to supporting production, learning, research and joint innovation, and has independent intellectual property rights, high technology , high value-added, can absorb a large number of employment, energy saving, export foreign exchange projects.
This year, the central tax has also given a green light to SMEs. For a small profit-making enterprise with an annual taxable income of less than 30,000 yuan, its income shall be reduced to 50% of the taxable income, and the enterprise income tax shall be paid at a 20% rate. This relieves the burden on small-scale chemical companies that are growing up. At the same time, the "Government Work Report" places special emphasis on the practical solution to the financing difficulties of SMEs, especially small businesses. To this end, the China Banking Regulatory Commission put forward the “two guarantees” for 2010: The growth rate of credit provision by small-sized enterprises in all banking institutions is guaranteed to be no less than the growth rate of all loans, and the increase in credit allocation is guaranteed to be no less than that of the previous year. In addition, the state will improve the credit assessment system for small enterprises, encourage the establishment of small business loan risk compensation funds, develop a multi-level credit guarantee system for small and medium-sized enterprises, and implement well the exemption of business tax, stock withdrawal and compensation for eligible SME credit guarantee agencies. Loss before tax deduction policy. These policies will all help petrochemical SMEs get financing.
The policy is warm, but it is by no means "exclusive." Low-level duplicate construction, simple capital construction, technology introduction and general processing industry will not receive special funds and other support. In order to become bigger and stronger under the support of policies, petrochemical SMEs should earnestly implement the National Plan for the Adjustment and Revitalization of the Petrochemical Industry and the “Guidelines for Structural Adjustment of the Petroleum and Chemical Industry” formulated by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, and “Petroleum and Chemical Industry Industrial revitalization support technical guidance, using new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials for technological transformation. We should vigorously develop and apply energy-saving emission reduction technologies, products, and equipment, develop a recycling economy, increase the level of cooperation among enterprises, and carry out various forms of economic and technological cooperation with large-scale enterprises, and establish stable supply, production, and sales collaborations. At the same time, petrochemical SMEs should take the agglomerative development path, extend the industrial chain, and increase the level of professional cooperation. Advanced SMEs in the eastern region can strengthen cooperation with SMEs in the central and western regions through acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations, joint ventures and other forms to achieve orderly industrial transfer.

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