Plastics industry in the Pearl River Delta is facing a full conversion

Affected by the "plastic limit order" on June 1, plastic bag manufacturers face reshuffle. In the next two or three years, the plastics industry in the Pearl River Delta will face a full-scale conversion. Half of the ultra-thin plastic bags factories are on the verge of bankruptcy. The output of plastic bags will decrease, and the production of eco-bags will increase into the mainstream.
In the past, plastics companies had always been "incognito names", but the new standard required plastic bag manufacturers to print company information such as the name, address, product material, maximum load-bearing weight, and production certificate number on plastic bags. At the same time, in the eye-catching appearance of the plastic bag, it is also necessary to print an environmental statement, such as "For protection of the environment and conservation of resources, please use it many times." In addition, there are warnings and safety instructions, such as "to avoid and prevent choking hazards, please stay away from infants and young children" and so on, and direct contact with food plastic shopping bags should be marked with "food" and "QS" sign. New standards for plastic bags will have a greater impact on the plastics industry.
Due to the lack of "free card" issued by the quality supervision department, small companies have to change their ways to make thick plastic bags. However, due to the shortage of funds and backward technology, the strength of these companies simply failed to meet the requirements for the production of thick plastic bags, and they had to shut down production. It is estimated that in the next two to three years, more than half of the plastic product enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region will close down, mainly small businesses.
The influence of plastic limit orders is rapidly expanding, and manufacturers of cosmetics, clothing, and footwear have switched to non-woven bags. Less than half a year, the production of plastic bags in the Pearl River Delta region was reduced by 1/3. Plastic bags decreased production, industrial plastic demand decreased, and industrial plastic prices fell.

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