No longer separate lighting fixtures and furniture

Furniture is the main tool for creating the atmosphere and artistic effect of the building environment. Similarly, lighting is a key factor in creating a space for the built environment. The magical effect of light and shadow illumination on the object and the influence on the color, material texture, texture and overall atmosphere make people pay more attention to the scientific research of modern lighting design and lighting effects. Modern furniture design and modern lighting design are gradually being integrated. The integrated design of modern furniture and modern lighting has become the trend of modern furniture since the 1990s. The world famous Milan International Furniture Fair, the International Furniture Fair in Cologne, Germany, and the International Furniture Fair in the United States all use furniture and lighting. A whole series to design, display, display and sell. More and more designers are showing great interest in the overall design of furniture and lamps. The combination of many heavy elements makes the shape of modern furniture shine. Furniture should pay attention to the overall morphological effects such as shape, structure, interpersonal relationship, material texture; lamps should pay attention to the overall morphological effects of light, shape, color, structure, etc., both of which are the basis of the spatial effects of the architectural environment, they set off against each other. Intertwined with each other, there have been various "collaboration" and "cooperation" trends. Trend 1: Simple structure, fine workmanship, bright colors Nowadays, the trend of home decoration lamp design is more and more simple, fine workmanship and bright colors, just like the more and more Italian furniture we see, their The design style is very modern. The home lighting that embodies the high-end fashion style of the world today also enters the Chinese family with modern style furniture. It is also the lamp with such a simple design style that pays more attention to the simple design, pays attention to the rationality and makes full use of the light source. The lighting efficiency and furniture complement each other. It is not like the traditionally complex, colorful, bulky design, neglecting the full use of light effects in the design. This is a revolution in design concepts. At the same time, the design of this high-end fashion luminaire also meets the energy-saving requirements. Trend 2: Beautiful, practical and personalized The ideal concept of home decoration lamps will be beautiful, practical and personalized. Emphasizing self and pursuing individuality will be the primary choice for many customers. The increasing enrichment of furniture and lighting in the market provides customers with more choices, and the personalization of customer preferences has put forward new and higher requirements for the development of furniture and lighting, and promote the continuous integration of furniture and lighting. Trend 3: High cultural content, people-oriented, energy saving and environmental protection With the increase of a new generation of high-cultural literate consumer groups, the cultural content of home decoration will be greatly improved. In terms of furniture configuration, lighting that can reflect the cultural heritage will be very popular. When people are pursuing the comfort of home life, humanized design is the solution to meet this demand, and the needless and fancy decoration will be eliminated. Whether it is decoration or furniture, the concept of "people-oriented" is the guiding ideology of design. In contemporary society, as people's awareness of environmental protection increases, environmentally friendly design and furniture made with environmentally friendly materials will increase. In the future home decoration, lighting with environmental protection features will be used more and more. Intelligentization is also the key development direction of home decoration in the future. Furniture, doors and windows, lighting fixtures, electrical appliances, kitchen and bathroom appliances, etc., will be equipped according to the different needs of different users at different times to meet the needs of modern people. Trend 4: Multi-light source effect At present, domestic indoor lighting design has been focused on the transition from single light source to the pursuit of multiple light sources. Such changes indicate that designers have realized the impact of good and healthy lighting design on people's lives. In the single-light era, the living room and bedroom are often dominated by a single lamp. Now, multi-source design has taken care of the needs of every user and every life situation. The ambient light provided by the main light source provides uniform illumination in the room; while the accent lighting or partial illumination provided by the display light, table lamp, etc. enrich the level of space lighting. The combination of multiple light sources makes space lighting a rich and colorful atmosphere. Trend 5: The color of nature is popular with a light bulb and a light tube that illuminates the living room. It is already gone. Nowadays, people pay more attention to details when decorating their homes. Even a small lamp above the bathroom mirror is also fashionable and chic. As furniture and decoration become more and more fashionable, lighting has become an important element in the matching of furniture and decoration. The chandeliers on the top of the head, the coffee table and the desk lamps on the desk have quietly changed their faces. The colors have become more colorful and fresh, the materials have become more clear, and the styling has also shown the creativity of the sky, even in some furniture towns, eye-catching Lighting has become the protagonist, attracting people's attention. The lighting that was introduced in 2006 emphasizes the creation of a colorful feeling, especially those that are close to nature. The long-lost transparent material lighting has come back, and the glass and crystal convey a clear and fresh texture, which makes people feel bright.

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