Midwest Steel Structure R&D Building and Supporting Facilities Project

Heavy Steel Plant, Steel Structure R&D Building and Supporting Facilities in the Midwest (110 million yuan in 2011-2012)
Project Name: Heavy Steel Workshop, Midwestern Steel Structure R&D Building and Supporting Facilities Project Progress: Filing Construction Period: April 2011-April 2012 Major Equipment: Cranes, Fire Fighting Facilities, Security Facilities, Water Supply and Drainage Facilities, Electrical Installations , ventilation facilities, lighting facilities.
Brief introduction of the project: The project is located in Dalian Road, Yichang Development Zone, Zhonggang Steel Workshop, Steel Structure R&D Building and supporting facilities in the Midwest, with new construction features. The project occupies an area of ​​11,700 square meters and a total construction area of ​​14,400 square meters. Expansion of a light steel structure production workshop with a span of 66m (22*3), length of 165m, and elevation of 15.5m: a new Central and Western steel structure R&D building will be built on 5 floors, and the total investment in infrastructure construction projects such as widening the roads in the plant area will be 110 million yuan. Construction Unit: Zhejiang Erjian Yichang Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Postal address: No. 16 Dalian Road, Yichang Development Zone, Yichang City, Hubei Province Post code: 443005
Phone: 0717-6906388
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