Ma Chunji: China National Heavy Duty Truck will take measures to deal with the crisis

In the global economic crisis, I have three points to make clear. First, do not doubt that our market has great potential; Second, do not doubt our country and government will take measures to rescue the market; Third, do not doubt their own strength. As long as these three points of confidence have been established, we will surely overwhelm us with ignorance. - Ma Chunji

The northern industrial town of Tianjin in early November has already revealed the early winter scene.

From the 6th to the 9th, the industry-wide attention to the "30th Anniversary Exhibition of the Reform and Opening-up of the Chinese Automobile Industry" was held in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone as scheduled. However, in the exhibition hall of the Tianjin Convention and Exhibition Center, only a handful of car companies, motorcycles, and parts and components companies could be seen in sporadic installations. The entire hall is empty, even if the exhibitors released a high-decibel sound, it seems difficult to attract more audience admission.

In contrast, the academic conference center on the third floor of the Convention and Exhibition Center was crowded with people.

The “China Automotive Industry Society Annual Conference” and “2008 China Automotive Industry Development International Forum” were held concurrently with the “China Auto Industry 30 Years of Reform and Opening-up Achievement Exhibition”. Different from previous scenes, "the participants in the "two sessions and one exhibition" of the industry in spite of the appearance of the face, but the heart is paralyzed." The boss of a car company when he saw the "Times Auto" reporter, this and reporters greeting.

The reason for the low popularity of the achievements exhibition and the inner feelings of the people in the industry is obvious.

The global economic recession triggered by the US subprime mortgage crisis has already exerted a huge impact on China’s auto industry, which increases production by 1 million a year. In just a few days of interviews, the bosses of many auto companies have made reporters clearly feel the worries behind these scenes in various statements.

"Automobile companies including the heavy truck industry may usher in another winter of 2005." At the CNHTC booth, the reporter saw the staff of China National Heavy Duty Truck Marketing. As the main force for long-term sales in the market, they are the most responsive to the market. “Although we are the oldest player in the heavy truck industry, sales are not optimistic. At present, the monthly sales of China National Heavy Duty Truck have exceeded the 30% in the first half of the year.”

Of course, it's not only China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, but also other units such as Auman, Liberation and other related companies that compete with China National Heavy Duty Truck Group. "A lot of companies are now discontinued or semi-discontinued. In addition, engines, transmissions, axles and other components and assembly companies have had a hard time."

However, in the face of difficulties, companies are giving up on their own and willing to take it for granted;

“This financial crisis is not necessarily a good thing for the entire automotive industry. When the economy is good, many problems in the industry are not revealed. The crisis, on the other hand, can also make the entire automotive industry Fully aware of their own shortcomings. Crisis = danger + opportunity, this period, there will be some companies seize the opportunity to come to the fore. "In fact, industry insiders have come to this experience.

"I think it's just autumn. Maybe next year is the beginning of winter. But as one leader said, although winter is coming, we can't hibernate. What will winter bring us? I think it's It will provide us with a new platform to recognize the situation, improve our internal strength, pay close attention to adjustments, and promote development. If there is less output, will we not develop? At this time, we must also be aware of our own inadequacies, and we must improve our business. The overall quality and level of the product must be improved, and the overall benefits of the enterprise must be promoted. This is also the development.” Ma Zhongqi, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. explained his views to reporters.

For Ma Chunji, as long as the opportunity is seized, the temporary shrinkage is not worth mentioning at all. Future development may be the real key.

"The overall situation of China's heavy trucks next year is difficult to predict. Why? Because China's market and customers have always been prophetic, they reflect the most acute, but this sensitivity has brought insufficient information to digest the ability. So the entire market This is a major reason for unpredictability. Second, at present, there is a buffer period for the economic recovery policy that the country is implementing, indicating that the market of the year is basically the same as this year or the decline is still overdue. My opinion is that we have to wait for a moment, but one thing to be sure is that the growth in the first half of next year will surely drop sharply year-on-year.But I think no matter how big the market is, the steady growth of CNHTC next year is a "Inevitably," said Ma Chunji, in 2009, the production and sales volume of China National Heavy Duty Truck is not a problem of shrinking, but the question of how many percentage points to increase the market share. "It is very likely that we will grow faster than normal years."

Ma Chunji is based on 2005.

Three years ago, China's heavy-duty truck market suffered Waterloo, and the production and sales of major heavy-duty truck companies suffered winters. Sinotruk also failed to keep its own. However, the following year, the heavy truck industry in China stabilized and recovered.

That is, from that year on, the pattern of China’s heavy truck market has changed. China's internal training, and the timely introduction of HOWO models, which changed China's heavy truck industry in one fell swoop. China National Heavy Duty Truck gradually replaced Dongfeng and liberated, and it was the first place in the production and sales volume of the heavy truck industry.

But next year, will it be a replica of three years ago?

In the eyes of Ma Chunji, the so-called opportunity may appear when the industry is sluggish.

"When everyone's mental state is waning, we need to be more vibrant and to achieve leapfrog development. Now, of course, is a good opportunity for development. Why do you say that? Because at this time, most companies only pay attention to shrinking. Instead of paying attention to development, it is precisely those companies that have accumulated, have a certain strength, and have a certain amount of reserves have developed in the face of shrinking others, and the significance of this development may be even more far-reaching. So, I have three points to make clear: First, don't doubt that our market has great potential.What's important is to give you a fulcrum, can you tilt the earth? Second, don't doubt our country. Be sure to believe us. The government will take measures to save it. Isn't there already a lot of policies introduced? Third, don't doubt your own strength. We must fully believe in ourselves. I think that as long as these three points of confidence are established, we will surely overwhelm us. No, it's extremely true."

Ma Chunji may not be unreasonable.

In fact, China’s domestic auto companies, especially the Chinese heavy-duty truck industry, have been relying on policy support and the rapid expansion of China’s economic opportunities to expand rapidly, and have relied on low prices to stop at low-end markets. heel.

It is undeniable that China’s heavy-duty truck industry has made some progress in technology, but in the face of huge market demand, more companies are greedy for perfection and have invested limited funds in the expansion of production capacity. This year will have 50,000 vehicles and 100,000 vehicles next year. Everyone thinks that China is so big, has a population of 1.3 billion, has more than 18 million truck drivers, has an economic growth of 2 digits per year, and has fast-growing infrastructure as a support. The potential of China's heavy truck market is bound to be endless. However, some companies have clearly forgotten that the level and prospects of economic development are the most crucial factors in determining purchasing power. When the economy is sluggish and cars are not sold, when the modern production lines for hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars are turned into furnishings, those companies that blindly expand their production may not really realize that they have fallen into A bottomless black hole.

At the moment, the winter weather in the auto market may allow all companies to wake up.

The ruthlessness of the market can quickly eliminate companies or models that are not really needed by the market and lack competitiveness, and allow those companies that have survived the severe test and survived to expand their market share, increase their technological strength, and increase their market share. Its own scientific and technological strength, enhance its own market concentration.

The adjustment of the national economy at present, the adjustment of market structure and market demand may give China’s heavy-duty truck industry and other companies like China National Heavy Duty Truck another opportunity to raise their horizons.

"In this case, everything is depreciating, raw materials, petroleum, steel, coal, etc. What does the price cut mean? Lowering prices means bringing benefits to us. For many years, China National Heavy Duty Trucks has been insisting on order production. , Inventory is small, and the current depression is giving us an opportunity to develop new products, introduce new technologies, and improve product quality. The effects of price cuts may soon be reflected in our product benefits.” Ma Chunji It has a strong philosophical. Just like the crazy stock market, the stupid people often greedy for profit when the stock market rises, and fear to withdraw in the fall; while the wise will do the opposite.

“In the face of the crisis, we also made some adjustments. In the past, the market needed a large number of dump trucks and tractors, but now the demand for these vehicles is decreasing. On the contrary, the demand for special high-powered vehicles is growing. For example, fire engines , special engineering vehicles, aerial vehicles, etc. It should be noted that the demand for these special vehicles is very large. Imagine if a township were equipped with two fire engines, then the national market demand was tens of thousands of vehicles. A county can have a fire brigade that is already very difficult to get.For another example, why the coal mine is always an accident, in addition to landslides, flooding accidents, the fire is an important reason. What are the reasons? There are few fire engines, fire fighting measures Can't keep up! Now that our country is "people-oriented" and we are developing these new products in due course, we will certainly have an opportunity."

Not lost. China National Heavy Duty Truck will certainly not wait passively.

"First, China National Heavy Duty Truck will study the changing laws of the market more deeply and find a way that is more suitable for the development of the company. Second, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group will take some concrete measures according to the reaction of the market. For example, this year, At the end of the year, we will also launch a high-end model, but this is mainly based on the status of the overall level of China's heavy-duty trucks. Its introduction can also be seen as another upgrade of the current level of heavy trucks in China, but we will not let it go. Affecting the current sales of HOWO, our strategy is to launch this new model to focus on the future, and not to capture the current market share of mainstream models.For another example, we will also go for overseas policies to encourage high-powered models. Design and production of vehicles suitable for local needs, etc. Thirdly, during this time, we will make up-to-finish classes, recognize the situation, work hard, improve the technological level and quality standards of our products, and continue to implement our 'as' character. The purpose of changing quality and returning society with quality products.” Ma Chunji said.
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