Lithium-ion batteries still need to be alert to safety hazards. What are the daily maintenance?

Most of the batteries currently used in smartphones are lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have the advantage of being small and durable, but that doesn't mean lithium-ion batteries won't go wrong. Professionals say that lithium-ion batteries actually require more maintenance than other batteries.

Some things to keep in mind when using a lithium-ion battery:

1, frequent charging can, but not too long to charge.

2, it is best to charge in a cool place, this will extend the battery life and prevent the battery from overheating.

3. Keep your mobile phone away from water, sand, smoke, and moisture, so as not to short circuit the board.

4. If your mobile phone accidentally enters the water, please remove the battery and let the phone dry naturally.

5, do not drop your phone in the car, so as not to overheat the phone.

6. The plastic protective case may cause the equipment to overheat.

7. Use only officially recommended accessories.

Paper Cross Cutting Machine

1. ZXC Servo Precision High Speed Paper Cutting machine adopts advanced technique of Taiwan and Britain.

2. The machine is transmitted by assisting motor.

3. The main electric control system adopts center computer control (PLC), person-machine interface operation, dynamic display.

4. Cutting knife adopts that made in German and its service life is longer.

5. Paper flatted adopts reasonable structure for reversing bend so as to ensure the flat degree of paper.

6. Feeding adopts step less adjusting and ensures single sheet feeding and overlapping feeding paper smoothly.

7. Collecting adopts automatic sort out material and automatic counting and inserting label so as to ensure heaping in order and counting exactly.

8. It is paper machinery equipment with high efficiency and high benefit.

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