Lestar Double Centrifuge Wins Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Station Project

With excellent quality and professionalism in the field of nuclear power, recently, LS Star Air Conditioning Systems (Shandong) Co., Ltd. has emerged from a number of competitors, and six double-stage compression centrifugal chillers have won the bid for the Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Station Project in one fell swoop. Add a new chapter.
Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Project is located in Changjiang County on the west coast of Hainan Island. It is jointly funded by China Nuclear Power Corporation and Huaneng Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. It adopts the second generation of improved nuclear power technology. The total investment of this project is estimated to be more than 16 billion yuan. For many years, LeStar's users of centrifuges for nuclear power plants have been in many countries and have been widely recognized. South Korea's Rongguang Nuclear Power Plant, Chashma Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan, and Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in India all use their centrifuges and supporting end products. In China, the four safety grade chillers provided by Lexing for Qinshan Phase II nuclear power plant have been operating well and demonstrate its strong technical strength in the field of nuclear power. The company can not only design and manufacture centrifugal chillers that meet the requirements of the existing second-generation improved nuclear power technology, but also has mastered the centrifugal chillers required for the third-generation nuclear power technology AP1000, and participates in projects such as the Haiyang nuclear power plant.

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