Launched the first Voith tugboat "Harbour 108" in China

The first Voith tugboat "Harbour 108" in China recently held a grand launching ceremony at the Sanlin Shipyard in Pudong, Shanghai. Voith Turbine “Harbour 108” was invested by Shanghai Deepwater Port Shipping Co., Ltd. and contracted by Sanlin Shipyard of Shanghai Port Renaissance Shipping Company. It is equipped with Voith Turbo Technology Co., Ltd., a leading global supplier of modern drive and brake systems. Provided by the world's unique ship propulsion technology - Voith Schneider (r) propeller VSP straight blade paddle full-turn tugboat, and is scheduled to be completed and delivered in October this year. The ship is the first Voith-type tugboat designed, built and eventually put into use at domestic ports. Dr. Fulunbach, Director and Vice President of Voith Turbo Group, Dr. Su Mingyue, Managing Director of Voith Turbo China, General Manager of Shanghai Port Renaissance Shipping Company, Director and General Manager of Shanghai Deepwater Port Shipping Co., Ltd. Jiang Huiliang Other partners attended the launching ceremony.

The construction of Shanghai's deep-water port is one of the largest ports in Asia. As the most important project during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period in Shanghai, the construction of Shanghai's deep-water port has received a lot of attention from the beginning. Since the Shanghai Deepwater Port Project began to enter into substantive construction in 2002, various projects have been in full swing. Since the beginning of 2006, Shanghai Deepwater Port Shipping Co., Ltd. has begun preparations for the preparation of the construction of the Port 108. After listening to various opinions and suggestions, it has extensively collected internationally advanced tugboat types and equipment data for analysis and comparison, and finally determined the adoption of German Fu The Voith-type tugboat, which is unique to the company, is the ship type of the company's new tugboat in 2007.

“The construction of the Shanghai Deepwater Port Project is not only important for China's development, but also attracts international attention. Voith Turbo is honored to provide technical and product services for this major project. 06, 07 for two consecutive years, Voith Turbo has provided six Voith Schneider (r) propellers for Shanghai Deepwater Port tugboats, successfully achieving zero breakthrough in Voith's drive shipping business in China, and also for China's future shipping. The market has provided a good foundation for providing better and better quality products and services,” said Dr. Furenbach, vice president of Voith Turbo.

The Voith tugboat is a high-performance, multi-purpose tugboat that is widely used in major ports around the world. It is also the only tugboat in the world to obtain the BAT (Best Marine Technology) honor. It can provide high-level safety for large ships and ports. Guarantee. Compared with the full-turn tug of Z-type rudder propellers, which is widely used in domestic ports, Voith tugboats use the direct-leaf propellers produced by Voith Turbo Drive GmbH as the thrusting device of the tugboat. Strong, can still operate normally under bad weather and sea conditions, less affected by ocean currents and waves, flexible and convenient operation, large dynamic drag, low equipment failure rate and low maintenance cost. In addition, the advanced unmanned cabin design reduces the number of crew members and reduces the crew's work intensity, thus increasing the technical content of the tugboat.

"As the first tugboat enterprise in mainland China to build a Voith tugboat, the original intention of this bold attempt is not only to raise the technical content of the company's tugboat team by a level, but also to take the opportunity to introduce advanced tugs and trailers in Europe and America. The operation mode will help us better serve the Yangshan Deepwater Port and build a first-class tugboat enterprise for the first-class Qiangang.” General Manager of Shanghai Port Renaissance Shipping Company, Director and General Manager of Shanghai Deepwater Port Shipping Co., Ltd. Jiang Huiliang Say.

The Voith Group is a leading partner in the main industrial sector. Voith Turbo is a subsidiary of the Voith Group and is a world-leading industry expert in the development, design and production of hydraulic drives, couplings and brake systems for road, rail, industrial and marine propulsion. . In the fiscal year 2005/2006, Voith Turbo's total sales were 894 million euros, accounting for 24% of the Voith Group's total global sales. Orders increased by 13.1% over the same period last year, reaching 931 million euros.

Voith sets the standard for paper technology, power transmission technology, energy technology and industrial services worldwide. Founded on January 1, 1867, the Voith Group is currently the largest family-owned company in Europe with 250 branches worldwide, 34,000 employees and annual sales of 3.7 billion euros.

Voith is the official partner of “Germany – the country of creativity”.

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