Join hands to approve batch trading records of Jianghuai Creation III light truck (Figure)

126 Jianghuai Light Trucks Delivery Users

On May 29th, JAC Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. and Beijing Chaopai Trading Co., Ltd. held the ceremony for the theme of "State III Power, Quality Leadership". The ceremony was held in Beijing Shengfang Art Park Hotel. 126 JAC light trucks were delivered to Beijing for approval. Zhao Houtang, deputy general manager of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd., Gu Dehua, deputy general manager of Jianghuai Light Truck Marketing Co., Ltd., and Li Lanzhu, general manager of Beijing Zhaobiao Trading Co., Ltd. attended the handover ceremony. It is reported that the 126 light trucks that were delivered this time are mainly the Weiling 1061 and 1083 models, all of which are products of the State III. They are a series of important equipment that Chaozhou Commercial and Trade Company has purchased for the Beijing Olympic Games.

Beijing Chao Pac Trading Co., Ltd. is a major member of Beijing Jing Ke Long Commercial Group Co., Ltd., and has more than 300 well-known domestic and foreign brands. The sales network radiates across the country. As the largest wholesale consumer goods agency company in North China. In response to the promotion of its own services, Zhaochao Commercial and Commercial Co., Ltd. also puts forward strict requirements for its partners in line with the principle of tender selection. JAC light trucks took the lead in launching the National III series models and passed the inspection of the Beijing market. With its leading technology and excellent quality, the JAC light trucks stood out among many light truck brands such as Futian and Dongfeng, winning the bid in one fell swoop.

Jianghuai III light truck

Li Lanzhu, general manager of Beijing Zhaobiao Business, stated that as a large-scale commercial and trade enterprise, Zhaocang commerce has strict requirements on transport vehicles. Jianghuai's State III light trucks have many advantages such as low fuel consumption, high power, superior emission standards, etc.; and JAC light trucks. The country III models are rich, and both the urban and rural transport and the city distribution can find matching models. On the other hand, the Olympic Games in 2008 will soon come. Energy conservation and emission reduction are the responsibilities and obligations of every business enterprise. The use of high-standard vehicles is an active measure for companies to respond to the Green Olympics.

With the approaching of the Olympics, the implementation of the National III emission standards is an important measure for the implementation of national energy-saving emission reduction decisions. As a leader in self-owned commercial vehicles, Jianghuai Light Trucks has always been at the forefront of the industry in energy conservation and environmental protection. It is not only one of the earliest domestic manufacturers that possess the national standard III light truck products, but also is in the leading position in the State III technology. At present, JAC has the most complete domestic spectrum of China III light truck products, covering various product lines such as China Card, high-end light trucks, and mid- to high-end light trucks, and it is absolutely dominant in countries such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong and Beijing. The market share has formed a good reputation of “State III Light Truck - Jianghuai Construction”.

Speech by Zhao Houzhu, Deputy General Manager of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd.

Regarding the keen determination of Jianghuai Light Trucks in the State III market, Deputy Deputy General Manager of Jianghuai Light Truck Marketing Co., Ltd. Gu Dehua said: “The cooperation between JAC light trucks and Chaozhou Commercial and Trade was the largest volume of transactions in the State III light truck market in Beijing so far, and the transaction volume reached 1,000. Million yuan, JAC Light Cards has been adhering to the 'create maximum value for the user' business philosophy, the first time to launch products in line with national standards as their responsibility, the greatest ability to meet consumer demand for use; At the same time, as an independent brand automotive companies, with National policies, responding to energy saving and emission reduction calls and supporting the Olympic Games are also responsibilities of Jianghuai Automobile as a national enterprise."

The procurement vehicles accounted for nearly half of the vehicles used by the company. Next, the remaining logistics vehicles for Zhaoshi Commercial will be completely replaced within the next year, and the cooperation between Zhaocang and JAC light trucks will be further deepened.

Zhao Houzhu Turnkey Delivery User

With its mature product quality and extraordinary R&D capabilities, Jianghuai Light Trucks is the first country in the city to win the 3rd light truck brand. According to reports, since the end of March, the Jianghuai III model has been in short supply in the Beijing area. Excellent quality and excellent market performance have made the JAC light trucks become stable suppliers to the General Armament Department, Sinopec, China Post and other group companies. . Jianghuai’s technical reserves in terms of R&D and its strategic vision for far-sightedness have eased the lack of models in the China III market and won the first prize in the competition for environmental protection in the logistics vehicle era.
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