International Paint launches two marine antifouling coatings

International Paint has introduced Intercept® 8000 LPP and Intersleek® 1100SR two pesticide-free muco-peeling coatings that will help improve ship handling, increase efficiency and reduce fuel costs and emissions.
Intercept® 8000 LPP Coating is a new bio-killing linear polishing polymer antifouling coating that uses the patented 'LUBYON®' technology with a life expectancy of up to 90 months.
Intersleek® 1100SR Coatings is the first pesticide-free pollution control coating for the coatings industry, featuring a unique patented mucus stripping technology that prevents microbes from contaminating the hull to maintain the ship's overall docking cycle performance.

Chemical Dosing System For Water Treatment

In order to solve problems of Chemical Dosing System in water supply plant,such as poor mixing and flocculation effect,low automation and large chemical dosage,the technical reconstruction of chemical dosing system was performed,and polymeric ferric sulfate was replaced by polymeric aluminum ferric chloride.The automation level is improved,the chemical consumption is reduced by 22%,the chemical cost of 340 000 yuan is saved annually,and the labor intensity is reduced.

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