·In 2014, the "Rubber Industry Powerful Country Framework Opinions" will be officially launched.

A few days ago, Xu Wenying, secretary-general of the China Rubber Industry Association, revealed that the current discussion paper on the "Framework Opinions on the Power Industry of the Rubber Industry" has basically taken shape and is further improving the relevant content. It is expected to officially land before October 2014.
"The introduction of "Powerful Opinions" will help the rubber industry to become bigger and stronger, mainly to solve two problems, first, to position the development direction of the rubber industry, and secondly, how to "work hard" in the rubber industry." Xu Wenying said.
In 2011, China Rubber Association officially issued the “12th Five-Year” development planning guidelines for the rubber industry. At the same time, according to the outline requirements, and according to the "Top Ten Strategic Plan for Building a World Powerful Rubber Industry Power" proposed by Fan Rende (now Honorary President of China Rubber Association), the paper puts forward the construction of the world's "Power Opinions" Preparation requirements.
This programmatic document has important guiding significance for shortening the gap between China and the world's rubber industry developed countries and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry.
It was learned that the objectives of the "Powerful Opinions" include not only products, but also the raw materials, carbon black, tires, reclaimed rubber, rubber additives, etc., and include raw materials, rubber machinery, test equipment, product marketing and so on.

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