How to use explosion-proof control box?

For the explosion-proof control box , reasonable use is very important, so what do you need to pay attention to when using it? Let ’s take a look.
1. The switch knob on the cover of the explosion-proof control box and the drive shaft of the circuit breaker head cover inside the box realize the opening and closing operation. The dirt or corrosion between the box cover and the drive shaft will cause the drive shaft to fail to rotate or even get stuck. The rotating torque exceeds the opening torque of the circuit breaker, and the circuit short circuit or overload will cause the upper level switch to trip, thereby expanding the power outage range. Therefore, when using the explosion-proof control box, please pay attention to the status of the switch knob.
2. Due to the harsh environment of the explosion-proof control box, under the influence of various interference factors, the box is prone to leak tightly, which leads to water in the box and various failures. Therefore, when using an explosion-proof control box, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the box body is tightly sealed, and if it is not tight, it must be dealt with in time.
3. There are a large number of wiring terminals inside the explosion-proof control box, and the looseness of the wiring terminals is an important cause of equipment failure, especially in the case of poor contact, it is easy to cause the voltage part of the equipment or lack of phase, making the equipment unable to operate normally . Therefore, when installing and using, it is necessary to carefully check the terminal and tighten it again.
Therefore, in the process of using the explosion-proof control box, these details can not be ignored to ensure its good performance.

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