Heavy truck and double-player: FAW relies on the advantages of heavy trucks

In the domestic heavy-duty truck market (with a total mass of 6 tons or more), the competition between FAW Liberation and Dongfeng is no less than that of the “James (Ka) Kay (Mei-Rui) dispute in the Class B sedan market. Last year, the Dongfeng was still weak. The advantage maintained its position in the first place, but after entering this year, this position has been replaced, and FAW Liberal has won the championship again with the advantage of nearly 5,000 cars.

However, both have remained in the top three positions globally, second only to German Mercedes trucks. Analysts pointed out that due to the rising cost of this year and the National III standard and other factors that make the market situation of commercial vehicles very uncertain, the final winner will have to be observed. At the beginning of last year, FAW was leading the east wind, but Dongfeng finally achieved the overtaking by the end of the year. Do not rule out this scene again.

FAW: Relying on the advantage of heavy trucks to win champions

"The advantage of Dongfeng is that Zhongka, and the liberation of FAW from J6 after the launch of the heavy truck (total weight of 15 tons or more) advantage is more obvious." An industry expert told this newspaper, from Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle's parent company Dongfeng Limited According to the released "2 3rd Power" and "1rd 3rd Power" plans, Dongfeng Limited has put its main energy on the passenger vehicles, while the growth of commercial vehicles should be very slow, while the FAW is liberating. You can concentrate on your business. It can be said that the liberation is relying on the advantages of heavy trucks to regain the throne of the current heavy truck market champion.

Last year, the liberation of FAW was only lagging behind the east wind with the disadvantage of more than 7,000 vehicles, and its market share was only one percentage point lower. This gap is not irretrievable for companies with an average monthly sales of more than 10,000 vehicles. Sure enough, in the first quarter of this year, the market share of FAW's liberation has already surpassed the east wind by two percentage points. According to the latest statistics from FAW Group, from January to May, the company sold a total of 76,000 heavy-duty trucks, an increase of 51.7% year-on-year, of which sales in May were 16,900, an increase of 70.2% year-on-year.

Due to the early release of the effect of the National III standard implemented nationwide from July 1, the heavy truck market continues to maintain its momentum of rapid growth. Statistics show that in the first quarter of this year, heavy trucks achieved sales of 167,232 vehicles, an increase of 58.70% year-on-year, but China Card sold only 56,167 vehicles, an increase of only 6.09% year-on-year, and the growth rate of heavy trucks was much faster than that of Zhongka, so it was owned by heavy trucks. The advantage of FAW Liberation has gained a leading position.

Dongfeng: It depends on the performance of the whole year

“This year, FAW was more than us.” At a recent Dongfang Tianjinzhong Card Guangzhou Listing Ceremony, Party Secretary and Deputy General Manager Huang Gang of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company acknowledged this fact in an interview with this newspaper. “But eventually, It also depends on the performance of the entire year.” Dong Dong Commercial Vehicle General Manager Tong Dongcheng also stated at the conference of the Dongfeng Limited “1st 3rd Power” mid-term business that Dongfeng Heavy Trucks is the “China First and World No. 3” target. No change.

Huang Gang also stated that FAW’s center of gravity is in the north, and that Dongfeng has strong advantages in the southwest, northwest, and the south. Therefore, Dongfeng is greatly affected by snow disasters in the south and Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake, while FAW liberation is relatively smaller. This is also one of the reasons why Dongfeng has been slower than FAW's growth this year.

In terms of products, Dongfeng Qiangzhong was in Zhongka, and the launch of Tianjin Zhongka added Dongfeng’s confidence. "Tianjin's launch marked the completion of the upgrade of Dongfeng's medium-sized trucks. At this point, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles took the lead in completing the replacement and transformation of all product platforms in the industry, and the overall product image has taken a new look." Tong Dongcheng, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, said.

The sales of major heavy trucks in the first quarter of 2008

(Unit: vehicle)

Manufacturers Sales in the First Quarter of 2008 Market Share

Dongfeng Group 48887 21.8%

FAW Group 53261 23.84%

China National Heavy Duty Truck 32600 14.59%

Shaanxi Auto Group 22614 10.12%

Beiqi Foton 16924 7.58%

Hongyan, Chongqing 6471 2.90%

Others 42615 19.08%
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