Gansu Province Efforts to Guarantee Liquefied Gas Market and Price Stability in Disaster Areas

According to the website of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Gansu Provincial Price Bureau is striving to ensure the stability of the liquefied gas market and prices in the earthquake-stricken areas.
Affected by the devastating earthquake in Wenchuan, the supply of liquefied gas in Weinan City, Gansu Province was strained. The local liquefied gas distributors raised the price of bottled liquefied gas (10kg) from 75 yuan per can before the earthquake to 85 yuan on the grounds of rising purchase costs. The masses responded strongly.
In response, the Gansu Provincial Price Bureau jointly conducted investigations with the Price Bureaus of Weinan and Wudu Districts and investigated and dealt with dealers’ price violations in accordance with the law. Considering that the price increase was mainly due to the direct supply of non-liquefied gas in Weinan City and the increase in the price of intermediate links, the Provincial Price Bureau immediately coordinated Lanzhou Petrochemical Company to transport 37 tons of liquefied petroleum gas to the disaster-stricken area, and requested the company to serve as a The city supplies quantitatively priced liquefied gas to meet local market usage.
At present, the price of liquefied gas in Weinan City has apparently dropped and stabilized at a level of 75 yuan per can.

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