Faster hydraulic retarder layout four national market

Recently, Fast developed its own hydraulic retarder and launched the national quadruple weight card to quickly seize the high ground. After supporting 45 heavy-duty tanker trucks of Shaanxi and Ningxia PetroChina natural gas transportation companies, there was another 60 in early March this year. Vehicles equipped with Fast parallel hydraulic retarder and a 10-speed large center-span transmission are used in the Gansu market to be delivered to customers in Gansu.

It is understood that the Fast Reactor has passed the tests of the harsh natural environment, working conditions, and road conditions such as the plateau, high cold, high temperature, and long distances, steep slopes, etc., and the performance indicators are far higher than the entire vehicle. According to the design load, the slope of 6%, the speed of 30 km/h, independent braking for 6 km or 12 minutes” national standard. With advanced design, cost-effectiveness, and high security, it has formed a large-scale, mass-production capacity, and successfully matched domestic trucks and passenger car companies such as Shaanxi Auto, Shengda, Hualing, Yutong, and Jinlong. The braking performance and economy are highly valued by users.

Membrane Nitrogen Generator is another type of Nitrogen Generator except PSA technology.The process flow of Gamma mobile nitrogen generator process is mainly as follows: Ambient air is compressed by oil-injected screw air compressors,which is powered by diesel engine power generator, then enters after cooler to cool the compressed air, then enters air tank, to air treatment system. This air treatment system has Air Filter to filtrate, activated carbon filter to remove oil and it has air temperature adjustment device. After these treatment, dry, clean, constant temperature compressed air enters membrane nitrogen-oxygen separation system. The separated oxygen-rich air is discharged into atmosphere, nitrogen with desired purity is sent to nitrogen booster. After compress its pressure to desired requirement, then nitrogen is sent to using point

Membrane Nitrogen Generator

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