Extend Petroleum and Reinvest 1.85 Billion Coal Chemical Project

On April 9, the Xiwan Coal Chemical Comprehensive Utilization Project planned and invested by Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Company was signed on the exchange ceremony of the Shannxilu Key Energy Conversion Project and the signing ceremony of the Yulin Cooperation Project.

It is understood that the total investment for the first phase of the Xiwan Coal Chemical Project is 18.5 billion yuan. The project is located in the southern district of Qingshui Coal Chemical Industry Park in Yushen Industrial Zone. It is planned to build low-temperature carbonization of raw coal and downstream organic chemical and fine chemical projects. The construction project includes 6.4 million tons of raw coal low-temperature dry distillation unit, 2 million tons of raw coal/year of fluidized bed multi-generation unit, and 1 million tons of coal tar comprehensive utilization. Equipment, 1.6 million tons/year methanol plant and 800,000 tons ethylene glycol plant. This project is another large-scale coal chemical project of Yanchang Petroleum Group in Yulin following the Jingbian Energy and Chemicals Comprehensive Utilization Industrial Park and Yanheng Coal Chemical Industry Park's acetic acid project. It aims to rely on the rich and high-quality coal resources of Xiwan Minefield to realize resources. Comprehensive utilization.

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