Dongfeng Nissan saw double-digit growth in cumulative sales in April

“Happiness is coming out!” The data just arrived at hand is not yet hot. Dong Xin, the head of the Dongfeng Nissan Market Headquarters, was excited to expose Dongfeng Nissan’s April transcript in a circle of friends.

He has reason to be happy, or worthy of showing off.


According to the Dongfeng Nissan official microdisplay, in April this year, Dongfeng Nissan’s terminal retail sales reached 90,946 units, which achieved double-digit high growth, reaching 17.8% year-on-year, and the strong growth momentum was as usual, and the three camps are steadily upward.

Among them, SUV camp retail sales reached 34,678 units in a single month, a year-on-year increase of 28.1%. Without the interference of CR-V, Xinqi Jun did not slow down. Its monthly sales reached 15,576 units, an increase of 32.9% year-on-year, and it has steadily maintained the top three seats in the joint venture SUV list; the new Loulan continues to be replaced. In the surprise of the five seats, the monthly sales volume remained at 2,000 or more, achieving a growth of 40.1% to 2,584 vehicles. Even so, compared with Guan Lu, the new Loulan, there is still a certain gap. At present, the fastest-growing medium-to-large SUV market continues to boost sales of new Loulan, which will be an important issue for Dongfeng Nissan, because it is related to the short-sighted reinforcement of product strength and brand strength.


It is worth looking forward to, after the arrival of this off-road SUV, Dongfeng Nissan has now formed the most complete array of six SUVs, becoming the SUV's most abundant joint venture also realized both off-road and urban style, SUV strength is further Enhanced. Quite curious is that for Dongfeng Nissan, which does not have much sales experience in previous cross-country models, how can it quickly grasp the sales skills of off-road vehicles and realize the effect of 1+1>2?

With further heating up in April, cumulative sales of the Dongfeng Nissan SUV camp climbed to 136,563 units in the first four months, a year-on-year increase of 26.8%, which is even more significant in the overall narrowing of the SUV market.

The comfortable camp occupying half of the sales volume was driven by the strong momentum of Sylphy. In April, the sales volume at the terminal of Sylphy broke through to 36,471 units, an increase of 33.9% year-on-year, boosting 47,293 units and 16.6% year-on-year growth.

Of course, the acquisition of these good data is the result of Dongfeng Nissan's struggle. Under the brand strategy of “YOUNG NISSAN” being rejuvenated in 2015, Dongfeng Nissan is firmly and steadily operating. The pace of development has also changed from fast to slow. From the product structure and technical progress to the upgrading of marketing network, the company’s internal work continues to strengthen competition in the entire system. In the end, it achieved a system-wide competition in the entire value chain, allowing Dongfeng Nissan to steadily move into the ranks of millions so that the growth can come.

Thanks to the strengthening of the growth momentum in April, the cumulative sales of Dongfeng Nissan from January to April have already exceeded 300,000 units, reaching 333,713 vehicles (including imported cars). The year-on-year increase has expanded to 8.2%, setting another record high.

Steady growth also laid a solid foundation for the Dongfeng Nissan electric vehicle attack. At the Beijing Auto Show on April 25th, with the theme of "The Source Awakens to Make a Net Future," Dongfeng Nissan has actively introduced the Nissan EV technology introduction, and brought a whole new generation of the Leaf and Sylphy Pure Electric two pure electric models.


"The Sylphy-electric model will be available this year and will start pre-sales in May; the new generation of wind will also enter China in the second half of the year." Zhang Jihui, deputy head of the new Dongfeng Nissan Market Headquarters, said, whether it is The introduction of speed or the number of models, between the joint venture brands, Dongfeng Nissan has done the lead.

This also gave Dongfeng Nissan a half-step lead in its electrification strategy. Dong Chen Nissan's new deputy general manager Chen Wei said, "By adhering to the strategy of leading half a step, Dongfeng Nissan will become the electrified leader of the joint venture brand."

In fact, despite the steady growth, facing the advent of an era of industrial upheaval, whether Dongfeng Nissan is in a strategic transformation or Chen Yu, who has just been pushed to the center of the stage, he is facing how to make the company in the post-joint venture era. More powerful questioning. He once said that in the short term, we must let Dongfeng Nissan make steady progress, and the long-term goal is to make Dongfeng Nissan truly become a service-oriented enterprise that pays attention to people and better serves people.


However, whether it is the immediate short-term goal or the long-term planning that needs to clarify the thinking, it is all necessary to struggle to achieve it, just as it was in April.

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