Development of entry and exit control

With the rapid development of social science and technology, people’s demand for urban intelligence is increasing, and the flow of people and things is intensifying, and the links at all levels of society are getting closer. In the era of data explosion, people's biological characteristics and behavioral trajectories have entered a digital and networked environment, which provides a new way out for solving the entrance control problem. The traditional entrance and exit control technologies and methods are difficult to meet the actual needs of the present and have reached the end of the dead-end phase. The combination of biometrics and biometrics technology is in the ascendant.
ACS is an abbreviation of the entrance and exit Control System. It refers to a control system that uses electronic equipment and intelligent software information technology to record and check people and objects. At the same time, the system will also record, store, and analyze the inspections to achieve intelligent applications and ensure the security of a specific area.
On the macro level of society, entrance and exit control management is an important part of urban security protection. It integrates the advanced technologies of various professions, such as wireless communication technology and Internet of things. From a personal point of view, the economic prosperity has stimulated the public's demand for high-quality smart living, and has focused on the safety, comfort, and convenience of the smart community. Therefore, it requires entry and exit control technologies to break through the status quo and keep pace with the times. Good service community intelligence integration process.
There is a big gap between China's import and export management industry and Western developed countries. The main reason is that China's import and export control started relatively late, but the huge domestic market demand is unmatched by any country. With the rapid development of the social economy, the popularization of the Internet, and the development of the tourism industry, the level of intelligence in the import and export control industry will develop rapidly. In the more than ten years during which artificial intelligence flourished, the rapid increase in population and the replacement of transportation have greatly enriched people's travel choices. Coupled with the reduction in travel costs and the increase in convenience, it is not hard to imagine that the daily flow of people and cars in China is staggering. Manual management is time consuming, laborious, and deteriorating. For example, in the parking industry, many cities in China before 2000 had no problem with difficult parking. There are no smart applications at the entrances and exits. Instead, they use manual management methods to arrange one or two people to fill in records and charge fees. This method is time-consuming and laborious. With the dramatic increase in the number of motor vehicles in China, the traditional manual charging services cannot meet the modern, convenient and safe management needs. In 1995, the contactless IC card parking lot management system was piloted in mainland China. In 1997, the non-contact IC card parking management system came into being. Surprises again and again, constantly raising people's expectations for future technology to change their lives. From the past combination of a single, manually-identified identity to today's intelligent identification technologies, we have discovered that the intelligence and security of the portal management industry is undergoing a qualitative leap.
With the continuous extension of the application field of entry and exit control services, the application of fingerprint and face recognition technologies in biometrics recognition has become increasingly mature in the field of entry and exit control. This article mainly introduces the application and development prospects of gait feature recognition technology in the entrance and exit control field in biometric identification technology.



Single side drive ,speed control by frequency conversion ,easier for winding speed and technique parameter adjustment;

Tension device ,easy to adjust yarn tension by changing tension slices;

Bobbin forming ,stable and reliable ,applying for any style;

Applied electrical broken end testing and electrical moving-on –length device ,the machine could protect the mixture of single and double yarns ,

the machine alsokept the yarn length ,so  the products quality  was improved ;

Advantages of the machine :compact and clear yarn guide construction ,flexible machine table height ,high working speed ,low power consumption ,low noise .


Applied Yarns

Merges cotton ,polyester chemical ,fiber and blended yarns ply ,makes different types material spindle of two or three strands to parallel bobbins Two-For-One Twister using  


Assembly Winder Machine

Assembly Winder Machine,Double Winder,Soft Winder,Hard Winder


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