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If you are interested in our products and we hope you can come to our factory to check machine by yourself to know our machine quality level. When you come, pls inform me and we will arrange to pick you up from airport

Working Process

Uncoiling→Feeding material into machine→Roll forming→Measuring length→ Auto cutting→Products receiving


Decoiler , Main roll forming machine, hydraulic cutting device, product stand, hydraulic system, electric system

Machine Parameter
Material Width 1000mm
Effctive width 850mm
Thicknes 0.3-0.6mm
Size 6000mm*1300mm*1500mm
Weight about 4tons
Diameter of shaft Φ70,45#steel
Material of roller 45#steel,Chrome
Main motor power 3.0kw
Hydraulic station 3.0kw
Number of rollers 9stand rollers
Control system PLC computer controller
Speed 6-10m/min
Chain 0.6 inch

Our Services

1. Installation and training of machine manufacturer:

a.If buyers visit our factory and check the machine, we will teach you how to install and use the roll forming machine for sale , and also train your workers/technician face to face.
b.Without visiting, we will send you user manual and video to teach you to install and operate.
c.If buyer needs our technician to go to your local factory, please arrange board and lodging and other necessary things.

2. After Service of roll forming machine for sale

a.One year guarantee for whole roll forming machine for sale.
b.24 hours technical support by email or calling
c.If there is any problem found of steel roof sheet roll forming machinery, we will repair roll forming machine for sale for free in one year.


1. Does one machine can only produce one style panel profile?
Not exactly.For wider and double layer making machine. It can produce more than 6 kinds of panels. 
2. Do you have after sales support?
Yes, we are happy to give advice and we also have skilled technicians available across the world.We need your machines running in order to keep your business running.
3. How to visit your company?
a.Fly to Beijing airport:   By high speed train From Beijing Nan to Cangzhou Xi (1 hour), then we can pick up you.
b.Fly to Shanghai Airport: By high speed train From Shanghai Hongqiao to Cangzhou Xi(4.5 hours), then 
we can pick up you.
4. What can you do if the machine broken?
Our machine's warranty period is 12months,if the broken parts can't repair,we can send the new parts replace the broken parts free ,but you need pay the express cost yourself.if after warranty period,we can through negotiation for to solve the problems,and we supply the technical support for the whole life of the 
5. Can you be responsible for transport?
Yes,please tell me the destination port or address.we have rich experience in transport 
6. You are trade company or factory?
We are trade company but we also have own factories. Building trade company is just for exporting various types of cold roll forming machines. 

7. Why your price is higher than others?
As we persist on that each factory should put quality at the first place. We spend time and money on developing how to make machines much more automatic, accurate and high quality. We can make sure that our machine could use more than 20 years without any problem. We can provide 1 years free quality assurance. 

8. How long the machine could be made?
Normally speaking, welded pipe making machine could be made without 45 working days. If you need machines in a hurry, we can make it for you less than a month.

Dusting cloth bag can be called the heart of Bag Filter. It is generally called filter dust bag, dust removal filter bag, dust collecting bag, dust collecting bag, dust collecting bag, Dust Collector cloth bag and so on. Dusting cloth bag is a key part in the operation of bag filter. Usually the cylindrical filter bag is suspended vertically in the duster.

The fabric and design of filter bags should be highly efficient in filtration, easy to dust peeling and durable.

1. capillary oil absorption bag consists of three parts: pre filter layer, main filter layer and screen cover. It is specially designed for effective adsorption of grease in liquids. The porosity of the filter material is as high as 80%, which greatly improves the service life of the product. The amount of oil absorption is as high as 12~20 times of the weight of the filter bag.
2. the absolute precision seamless filter bag is made of pure polypropylene capillary fiber by hot melt molding. The outer layer is thickened deep filter material to provide layered filtration, and the inner sleeve is used to further enhance the overall deep filtering effect and improve the capacity of inclusion. The average life span is five times higher than that of ordinary polypropylene filter bag. The highest filtration accuracy is 3um. The collar ring is a plastic ring.
3. screen filter bags are made of nylon monofilament, polyester monofilament and polypropylene multi screen. The highest filtration accuracy 20um features: absolute filtration accuracy, high toughness, anti damage, no fiber free, and can be used repeatedly.

Dusting Bag

Dusting Bag,High Efficiency Dusting Bag,Anti - Static Dusting Bag,Dust Filter Bag

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