Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Liu Qi Inspects Chaoyang District Waste Transfer Station

At 9:00 on May 13th, Beijing Party Secretary Liu Qi, Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee, Mayor Guo Jinlong and Vice Mayor of Beijing Huang Wei accompanied the leaders of the Chaoyang District City Council to inspect the sealed wheat cleaning station in Beiyang, Chaoyang District. . This was also a Beijing municipal government's “Civilized and courteous people, garbage reduction, garbage classification starts from me” theme activity that Beijing advocated in April. According to reports, this sealed cleaning station equipment is produced and provided by Haiwo Machinery (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd.

As the first pilot project in Chaoyang District for garbage sorting and removal and transportation, the residents have been upgraded and upgraded. With the help of the garbage sorting professional instructors, residents have gradually accepted the advanced concept of garbage classification and transformed it into a lifestyle for residents. During the inspection, Beijing Party Committee Secretary Liu Qi and Mayor Guo Jinlong listened to the introduction of wheat staff in Beili. They were satisfied with the pilot community and were very interested in the new waste transfer equipment.

According to the person in charge of Haiwo Machinery (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd., Haiwo's mobile garbage compression equipment is the highlight of its intelligent, it is different from the traditional transport mode, Haiwo series of garbage compression and transport complete sets of systems are using the most advanced The microcomputer control system can intelligently adjust the processing program according to different working conditions and automatically display it on the display screen with the legend. It effectively indicates the failure of the equipment and the corresponding solution method to realize digital sanitation management and easily control the overall situation. Especially for the sanitation workers, it can be very convenient to operate; secondly, the system has introduced Europe's leading garbage transfer model, the system configuration is scientific and reasonable, and effectively reduces operating costs, making the equipment more compressive and processing more efficient. The manpower and material costs of the sanitation station are saved. Thirdly, in the inspection, the sanitation workers also performed on-site operation of the Havo garbage compression and transfer equipment. During the operation, there was no odor and sewage leaked, and the entire process of garbage collection and transportation was maintained. Ring security closed state.

It is understood that this is after Haiwo Machinery (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. has served for the 60th anniversary of the Beijing Olympic Games and the National Day. After serving the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, it once again provided services for the Beijing sanitation. Said that they will fully support the Beijing Municipal Party Committee's sanitation work and make better service for Beijing sanitation work!


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