Application of Acrel-6000/Q100 Electrical Fire Monitoring System in Tianshui Land and Resources Bureau

Abstract This article focuses on the functions and significance of the Acrel-6000 electrical fire monitoring system and the Arcelor leakage fire detector through the National Grid and Land Resources Monitoring System for Leakage Fires, combined with national and international standards.

Keywords: Bureau of Land and Resources , Acrel-6000 , electrical fire monitoring system, fire detector, fire protection code;

0 Foreword

Due to the deepening of people's knowledge of safety norms and power consumption, personal injury accidents caused by electrical faults are declining year by year, but the number of fires caused by electrical accidents is increasing every year. This is in stark contrast to the trend that the total number of fires in China is declining year by year. . According to the data published in the 2005 China Fire Safety Yearbook, the number of electrical fires accounts for 20.6% of the total fires , and there is a rising trend year by year. This requires us to investigate the causes, find root causes, and use effective scientific methods to reduce these. disaster. The average electricity consumption per person in developed countries such as Japan, Europe and the United States is much higher than that in China. Why is the probability of electrical fires in these developed countries much smaller than in China? The main reason is to set up a residual current type electric fire monitoring and detection system in important places. The application of electric leakage fire alarm system has already been stipulated in the national norm of our country. For example, the new section 9.5.1 of "High-rise Civil Building Design Fire Prevention Code" GB50045-95 (2005 edition) added: "High-risk fire hazard in high-rise buildings, intensive personnel "Earth-leakage fire alarm systems should be set up in other places"; Article 11.2.7 of "Building Design Fire Protection Code" GB50016-2006 stipulates places where electric leakage fire alarm systems should be set up. This article discusses shallowly the selection of fire detectors and the software functions of the Leakage Fire Monitoring System Project of the Land and Resources Bureau of Tianshui, and hopes to help the design or selection of similar projects.

1 Project Analysis and Hardware Selection

Tianshui Land and Resources Bureau office building belongs to the office building of the government agency and is located at No. 37 Laoshan Road, Qinzhou District , Tianshui City . This office building has a total of 20 floors. There are 26 lighting distribution boxes, 20 emergency lighting distribution boxes, 2 ordinary elevator distribution boxes, 2 fire elevator distribution boxes, and 2 fire pump distribution boxes installed in the building . 1 building power inlet distribution box . This building is now required to be equipped with a set of leakage fire monitoring system.

According to GB14287, electrical fire monitoring systems are divided into three parts: electrical fire monitoring equipment, residual current electrical fire monitoring detectors, and temperature-based electrical fire monitoring detectors.

According to the national standard “installation and operation of residual current operation protection device” GB13955-2005 provisions on graded protection, when installation of residual current fire monitoring device, a reasonable distribution design shall be made for the fire protection area within the building, determine the appropriate protection scope, and reserve The residual current operating value and operating time, and should meet the requirements of the graded protection of the operating characteristics, reduce the power outage range caused by the fault cut off the power. The principle of monitoring point allocation is as follows: According to the building's electricity load and the specific conditions of the line, it is determined that the secondary or tertiary protection mode should be adopted; generally, all secondary switches must be equipped with residual current detection controllers; important lines include fire protection and security. , emergency power supply, channel lighting circuit and important places that are not allowed to power outages, according to the provisions of GB13955 4.6, should install a pure alarm type residual current detection alarm, alarm but does not cut off the power (do not control the trip), both to ensure the safety of electricity and Ensure the continuity of power supply.

Based on the above basis, this project will perform leakage monitoring for a total of 33 monitoring points for lighting distribution boxes, ordinary elevator distribution boxes, fire-fighting elevator distribution boxes, fire pumps, and building power supply incoming five secondary switches . Since the above switches are all important lines, they are distributed in important locations that are not tolerant to blackouts. Therefore, in the selection of leakage fire detectors, it is necessary to choose a model that does not control tripping. In this project, the ARCM200L-J1 leakage current fire detector of Shanghai Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. and the AKH-0.66L residual current transformer fully meet the requirements of leakage fire monitoring. Details are as follows:

1.1 Introduction of ARCM200L-J1 Residual Current Electrical Fire Monitoring Detector

1.1.1 Features:

● Online monitoring of single-channel leakage current, temperature signal of each phase cable;

● The rated residual current operating value (alarm) can be flexibly set according to requirements, and the temperature operating value (alarm) can also be programmed;

● Screen retention function, when the leakage fault occurs, the channel display screen temporarily stays, indicating the value of the channel leakage or over temperature, which is convenient for the fault recording of the upper computer;

● Using fieldbus communication technology, the upper computer management software can constantly monitor the operation of the site and discover alarm information in time. Through the RS485 interface, the standard MODBUS protocol can be connected to various standard systems;

● ARCM200L-J1 has an event storage function. The alarm can record the time, type, and parameter of the alarm. According to the alarm record, it can analyze the power usage of the site and provide a basis for eliminating the fault.

● High degree of integration, networking, high degree of intelligence, and reasonable operating characteristics;

● Applicable to 0.4kV TN-CS, TN-S and local TT systems.

1.2 AKH-0.66L residual current transformer introduction

The rated current level of the residual current transformer shall be greater than or equal to the setting current of the protection circuit of the distribution circuit. In practice, it shall ensure that all cables or copper bars pass through the transformer. The temperature sensor is a thermistor NTC. Provides a temperature monitoring reference of -10°C to 120°C, which can be used to monitor the temperature in the cable or distribution box and provide temperature protection, as shown in Figure 4

The number of monitoring points for the leakage fire in this project is 33 points. In the case of leakage fire monitoring software, the Acrel-6000/Q100 desktop leakage fire monitoring system can be used . The system can effectively predict and monitor the leakage and leakage due to leakage , and can accurately monitor the fault and abnormal state of the electrical circuit. It can discover the fire hazards of the electrical fire and promptly remind the personnel to eliminate these hidden troubles.

1.3 Leakage Fire Monitoring System Introduction

Acrel- 6 000 electrical fire control system is Acrel Shanghai Electric Company Limited independent research and development for receiving residual current electric fire detectors signal the field device, to enable the alarm to the electrical circuit to be protected, monitoring, control, management An industrial-grade hardware/software system running on a computer. This system is applied to fire control centers in large shopping malls, living quarters, production bases, office buildings, shopping malls and hotels, and remotely measures, remotely adjusts, remotely controls, and remotely detects the detectors scattered in buildings to facilitate monitoring and management. The system uses a standard Modbus field bus to connect detectors with communication functions. When the detected parameters in the field protection circuit exceed the alarm setting value, it can send alarm signals, control signals, can indicate alarm locations and save alarms. information.

1: Alarm indicator (red), the indicator lights up when the system receives the monitoring alarm signal.

2: Fault indicator (yellow), the indicator lights up when the system receives a fault alarm signal.

3: Running indicator (green). The indicator is on when the system is operating normally.

4: Main power indicator (green). Lights up when using main power.

5: Standby power indicator (green). The indicator is on when using standby power.

6: Mute button (black) to eliminate the alarm sound.

7: Manually output button (black), manually start the control output of the protected circuit under alarm state.

2 System Networking Scheme

The number of leakage monitoring points for this project is 33, which are distributed in the 20-storey office building of Tianshui Land and Resources Bureau. The project selected leakage fire detectors are Ankerui products, using Modbus-RTU communication protocol, RS-458 interface. Modbus-RTU protocol Theoretically, 32 buses can be connected to one RTU device. Because the project needs to complete monitoring of electrical leakage, it plays an extremely important role in electrical safety and fire protection. It ensures the safety, stability and reliability of electrical leakage monitoring signals. In this project, only one bus is connected to 16 or 17 tables, and two buses are used for data acquisition.

3 Leakage fire monitoring system function

Acrel- 6 000 electrical fire systems, timing acquisition, and real-time data and the temperature field of residual current devices, and a light alarm sound alarm function, according to actual needs of the alarm temperature, the leakage current value is set, the fault alarm is released When it is remotely reset. The system can record alarm events, dates, alarm values, and over-line values ​​and generate reports that can print alarm event records.

1) fault information prompt

     When the monitoring device detects a device failure, the monitoring device will issue the following information . The software interface is shown in Figure 5:

l The failure unit on the main screen of running monitoring displays a yellow background;

l Operation monitoring The main interface displays real-time fault information. The information content includes: time, device location, device number, and fault information (the display interface is as shown in the figure below);

l in "real-time information display area", the "failure information" displayed yellow.

l The yellow fault indicator of the monitoring device is on and a fault tone sounds.

Figure 5

2) Alarm record query

     By clicking "Alarm Log Query" under the [Data] menu, enter the alarm record (action information query) screen as shown in the figure below. The user can query the corresponding alarm or the record under the action type within any time period in the interface. The operation mode is to select the start date, end date, query type and click the query button . The software interface is shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6

3) Detector Management

     This management function can only be operated by “system management level”. After logging into the system with “system management level” authority, you can enter the probe management interface as shown in the figure below by clicking “ detector management” in the [maintenance] menu . The interface can modify the corresponding communication port, communication speed and usage status of each channel . The software interface is shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7

Tianshui Land Resources Bureau leakage fire alarm system with the use of ARCM200-J1 and AKH-066L can accurately monitor the electrical line fault and abnormal conditions, to detect fire hazards of electrical lines, will fire the first place and Prevention has an important significance.

4 Conclusion

With the development of society, people's awareness of safe use of electricity has become more and more intense, and the requirements for the safety and reliability of electricity in some places are also increasing. This requires that the market must have the corresponding quality of hardware equipment to meet people's needs. At present, there are many manufacturers on the market that can provide such services. We hope that under the joint efforts of a large number of manufacturers and researchers , we will successfully contain the upward trend of electrical fires and reduce the disasters caused by electrical fires.


[1]GB50045-95 (2005 edition), High-rise Civil Building Design Fire Code

[2] GB13955-2005, installation and operation of residual current operation protection device

[3] "Principles and Application Guide for Power Electronic Measurement Digital Meters", Ren Chengcheng, Zhou Zhong, China Electric Power Press

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