All-round helper for snow and ice weather - Wicknuson All-terrain Multipurpose Vehicle

Whether it's horticulture, landscaping and park contracting projects, or construction in the municipal area, the versatility and reliability of the WACKER NOSON All Terrain Utility Vehicle can meet your needs. In addition, a variety of attachment configurations make the ATV multifunctional vehicle more versatile, allowing users to select different accessories for different operations such as sweepers, grounded buckets, cut branches, or snow blowers. With hydraulic quick-change devices, these accessories can be easily replaced from the driver's seat.

All-round helper for snow and ice weather - Wicknuson All-terrain Multipurpose Vehicle

Model 5035 is the smallest all-terrain multi-purpose vehicle in the series. It is popular because it has a low front frame and a good view of the work area. The bucket capacity is 0.35 cubic meters and the operating weight is approximately 1,600 kg. The car is ideally suited for working in confined spaces, and its compact design and versatility are impressive. And because of the short track, the machine has a very high stability. In addition to shoveling and stacking work, it is also very suitable for dealing with lawns, such as mowing and mulching. It is extremely gentle on the soil. The larger vehicle is model 5055 with a bucket capacity of 0.55 cubic meters and an operating weight of approximately 3,450 kg. Small in size, but powerful and efficient.

The 8085 and 8085T in the 8 series are the most efficient and versatile products in the WACKER NOSON All Terrain Utility Vehicle. It can be equipped with many technical options as additional hydraulic or electric power, of which model 8085 is best suited for municipal or company use of the machine throughout the year. Its bucket capacity is 0.85 cubic meters and its operating weight is approximately 4.750 kilograms. Various accessories can be assembled. From an ordinary bucket to an asphalt mill or sweeper, there is almost nothing that cannot be assembled, but it can still achieve high output power, which can greatly reduce the working time. The 8085T's boom can be extended to reach higher heights. Its bucket capacity is also 0.85 cubic meters, but if you need to work in more areas, using the 8085T is an advantage. This vehicle can be equipped with accessories such as a working platform or a branch cutter.

Wacker Neuson also offers a variety of attachment tools for the winter-serviced multipurpose vehicles, including snow plows, V-shaped snow plows, snow blowers and spreaders in two sizes. In addition, the height of the classic snow sweeper can be continuously adjusted and the steering angle can be adjusted mechanically. Thanks to the two double-acting hydraulic cylinders, the operator can choose between four different plate positions for the V-shaped snowplow. Operators can also comfortably operate salt and sand spreaders from the driver's seat. Unique spreading technology ensures even distribution of salt or grit. In addition, snow blowers can also be operated from the driver's seat. Here, not only can the jet tower rotate hydraulically, but also the spray width can be adjusted to ensure that the snow can safely land on the side of the road.

After decades of trials in Europe, WACKER NOSON all-terrain multipurpose maintenance vehicles have entered the Chinese market. The product is more than just an ordinary wheel loader. Its wide range of accessory configurations can meet your annual construction needs. For years, Wacker Neuson has been a reliable partner for customers. (This article is from Wacker Neuson)

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