Advanced material technical analysis of 300wh / kg above battery

March 3, "2017 Fifth China Lithium Industry Summit" held in Guangzhou. More than 400 industry experts and business representatives gathered to discuss the development of lithium battery and new energy automotive industry.

At the summit, Dr. Xinxin, Chairman of Jiangsu Taixing New Energy, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Technical Analysis of Advanced Materials for 300wh / kg Power Battery." Dr. Ma Xin is a distinguished representative of Chinese scientists who came back from the United States. In this speech, Dr. Ma introduced the core products and technologies of China New Energy. He analyzed the trend of lithium battery development in the next few years and shared his important skills in high energy ratio batteries Challenges and graphene and other hot topics.

2016-2018 lithium battery development forecast

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, power batteries in the lithium market share is growing. According to Dr. Ma Xin, with the development of new energy vehicles, the future will be more and more high-power batteries and energy storage batteries, by 2020, power batteries will account for about 63%, energy storage batteries will reach 17% .

Ma Xin predicted the development trend of domestic lithium battery. Dr. Ma believes that the compound annual growth rate of power battery will reach 70%. The main growth point of new energy vehicles will be in the fields of passenger cars and logistics vehicles. With the lifting of the ternary battery, in recent months, ternary batteries are getting louder and louder, Dr. Ma Xin believes that it is expected in 2018 ternary battery is expected to exceed lithium iron phosphate battery, he also said, With the rapid expansion of production capacity, low-end batteries soon overwhelmed, into the industry Red Sea.

Negative pole is the future direction of high-energy battery than the breakthrough

Strong support in the country, in recent years, China's lithium and new energy vehicles in the production capacity has made a huge leap forward, but less breakthrough in the core technology. Under the pressure of capacity constraints, to increase energy density is the inevitable choice of the industry, many people will focus on the ternary and lithium iron phosphate and other cathode materials. Ma Xin believes that to do high specific energy batteries, positive and negative materials, electrolyte, separator, new battery technology are very important, but the cathode material has encountered a bottleneck, it is difficult to have a qualitative leap, but there are many anode material upgrade Space, he judged that after 10 years may use non-lithium-ion battery system of lithium-sulfur batteries, lithium-air batteries, but taking into account the huge cost advantages of silicon-based lithium battery, the vast majority of popular applications within 20 years With silicon-based negative battery.

Silicon-based anode battery is the focus of the past two years, an industry focus, lithium big data learned that the silicon-based cathode battery has been a worldwide problem to be solved, especially the high-capacity 1000mah / g of silicon-based negative , In the past failed to charge and discharge cycles in the industry under a stable cycle of more than 1,000 times, Dr. Ma Xin founder of the new energy breakthrough has been made, the basic solution to the problem of stable high-volume production of silicon-based negative electrode is silicon Based leader, at the meeting, Ma Xin introduced to the current new energy silicon anode material with an annual output of 30,000 tons, can be done to the signing of the partners in a timely and stable supply, Baotuibaohuan, provide baseline battery solution Program, including partners to make qualified high energy batteries, has made a third party testing through the stable production of more than 300wh / kg high-capacity battery can support EV charging mileage increased from 200 to 300 km 700 to 1000 kilometers.

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