China is about to establish the fourth largest tire com…

According to foreign media reports, during the 2016 Essen exhibition, during a press conference held by Fengshen Tire , a senior manager revealed that Chinese tire manufacturers will soon form a world’s fourth-largest tire company. Currently, this new tire The company has not yet been ......Reading more

Analysis of Common Faults of YBF Series Stainless Steel…

Stainless steel pressure gauge use Stainless steel pressure gauges are widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, metallurgy, power station, food and other industrial sectors to measure the pressure of various fluid media in the process flow that requires high corrosion resistance and hi ......Reading more

What is the product definition of solar insect killer?

At present, green pollution-free agricultural products have become the first choice for consumers, which also promotes the enthusiasm of actively developing pollution-free agricultural cultivation. However, the solar-friendly insect killer, a green and environmentally friendly new method ......Reading more

Radiation recorder provides the basis for grape growing

In general, climate and environment are one of the most important factors affecting the growth of crops and are also closely related to the quality of agricultural products. In order to make the grapes planted in the grape production bases sweeter and larger, the yield is also higher, an ......Reading more

Optimarin receives an order for 46 ships of Optimarin b…

Recently, Norwegian ballast water treatment company Optimarin signed a fleet agreement with British shipowner and management company Carisbrooke to supply Optimarin ballast water system. According to the agreement, the 46 cargo and multi-purpose vessels of the entire fleet of Carisbrooke will be ret ......Reading more